In ‘The Garden’ with Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe
Kari Jobe

Christian recording artist and worship leader Kari Jobe is bringing her “The Garden Tour” to Durham in April, named for her new album, “The Garden.” Jobe is touring in the wake of a growing family and also heartache.

Since Jobe’s 2014 Dove Award-winning album “Majestic,” she has married, moved to Nashville and had a son, Canyon. Jobe’s sister Kris was pregnant at the same time, but her sister’s baby passed away. “The Garden” album was written in the wake of grief and looking to God and nature.

Jobe spoke with The Herald-Sun from a recent tour stop in Tucson, Arizona. This tour has been really special, she said. At the same time it’s been really personal, too, she said, after going through losing a loved one.

“I think over time I’ve gained trust with my fans, being vulnerable,” Jobe said, to make a performance feel intimate regardless of the size of the venue. “Especially when you talk about really personal stuff, and bring reality that we’re all going through stuff, but we’re really faithful and God walks us through it.”

Jobe’s sister, Kris, came to her first tour performance.

“She sat and cried when she heard that song I wrote for her, called ‘The Garden,’ and she’s glad to have the opportunity to have people come and heal their deep pain,” Jobe said. She said that her sister thinks if her pain helps people let God into their heart, then it’s worth sharing.

“When I first started sharing this story -- even trying to write anything for my sister -- people who have dealt with similiar experiences gave me inspiriation to write for people who have experienced deep loss like that,” Jobe said. She said that you can either get bitter at God and not trust him anymore or look to a bigger purpose and a bigger reason and be stronger for it.

“I’ve decided, I’m going to keep trusting God and keep being faithful,” she said. “He makes things beautiful on his own timing.”

However, if someone told Jobe that a year and a half ago, she would have said, “You’re crazy,” she said.

After her “Garden” tour performances, most of which are at churches, there’s a question and answer session.

“A lot of [people] have been sharing these stories that are heartbreaking. One woman the other night -- her 11-month-old is still in hospital, from birth. She said, ‘Your songs have always been encouragement. Every day is a battle with fear and really wanting to trust God.’ It kind of puts the reality thing on the night. People are going through really hard issues and stuff, but at the end of the night, they say, ‘I’m so glad I came.’ It’s just really faith buiding,” Jobe said.

She said that for this tour, the production team uses a lot of images and video on stage, too, so it’s an experiential type of night.

The timing of her “Garden” tour being during spring and Lent was just how it worked out schedule-wise, but she’s glad for it.

“People are posting pictures of their trees blooming and ivy growing. I never stopped to realize that God’s faithfulness surrounds us. I wrote that song [”The Garden”] when the garden in my backyard started to bloom,” Jobe said. Her sister’s baby daughter who died was named Ivy.

“Ivy will grow through the harshest situations, through walls, up toward the light. We just have to keep looking toward [God], looking toward the light,” Jobe said.

The song, album and tour about about a garden can also be tied to being created in the garden, Jobe said, referring to the Garden of Eden in the Biblical book of Genesis.

“God created humankind and plants and animals, and we were all created in garden. Sin brought separation and made them have to leave the garden and that walk with God, but Jesus came to end that separation and bridge the gap to us and the Father,” Jobe said. “It all comes full circle. God is invested in all the details and he loves the details,” she said.

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WHO: Kari Jobe

WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday, April 6

WHERE: King’s Park International Church

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