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Durham’s Pie Hole serves sweet and savory pies, with a twist

The “Cereal Killer” cheesecake at Pie Hole in Durham mixes Fruity Pebbles into the batter and is topped with Frosted Flakes.
The “Cereal Killer” cheesecake at Pie Hole in Durham mixes Fruity Pebbles into the batter and is topped with Frosted Flakes.

A new Durham pie shop has found more time in the day for dessert.

The sun rises and sets as Pie Hole sells pies at its new shop that opened last week on Durham’s Ninth Street, some nights until midnight. The Durham Pie Hole is the seventh to open in the world and the first outside of Los Angeles or Tokyo.

The pie menu is both sweet and savory, with respect and twists on the classics, like a towering apple pie made with Granny Smiths or a spicy Mexican chocolate and salted caramel pecan pie.

But Pie Hole has a few whimsical creations of its own. There’s the creamy and subtle Earl Grey tea pie and the Cereal Killer cheesecake, with Fruity Pebbles in the batter and Frosted Flakes sprinkled on top for crunch.

As for the savory pies, just know that you’re now living in a world with mac ‘n cheese pot pie. Pie Hole also has tried and true Shepherd’s Pie, with beef instead of lamb; chicken and cornbread pot pie; and a curried vegetable pot pie.

Cary couple Young and Surelyne Lee opened the Pie Hole in Durham after looking throughout the Triangle, they said. The company has a no strip malls rule, and its location below the 810 Ninth apartments extends Durham’s lively Ninth Street corridor of shops and restaurants.

“Very quickly, it was clear this is where we wanted to be,” Young Lee said. “Durham has such a great food community.”

The Durham Pie Hole will be the first franchise to sell alcohol, offering wines, draft and bottled beers and a cocktail list of simple classics like a Bloody Mary and an Old Fashioned and several boozy coffees. Alongside the draft beers are two cold brew coffee taps, one normal and one with nitro if you’re feeling the fizz.

Lindsay Hollister, whose husband Matthew Heffner founded Pie Hole, came to Durham from Los Angeles to help launch the shop. She said the Lees sold them on the location and on the alcohol.

“The Lees really believed we should serve drinks, and we bought into it,” Hollister said. “To me this is a great first date spot, a place where you could come with anyone and spend some time.”

Info: 810 Ninth St., Suite 130, Durham. 984-329-2900.

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