Love at first bark? Internet helps make match from missed connection — for 2 pups.

It clearly was puppy love.

Or love at first bark.

And doggone it, these two pups, spotted at the Durham Bulls Bark in the Park Wednesday, needed to be together.

Make no bones about it, the Durham Bulls were going to make this missed connection become a reality.

On Thursday, the Durham Bulls tweeted a 23-second video of what appears to be a lovestruck dog. The dog, wearing a Durham Bulls bandana, plays with a rope toy in its mouth, the one its owner just gave him.

But within a second, the dog stares straight ahead, the toy at its feet no longer relevant, as a floofy Sheltie sashays by with its owner.

The first dog’s tail wags a little harder, and his gaze follows the gray Sheltie as it disappears from sight.

“Sigh,” Bandana Dog’s expression read.

The video has gone viral, having been viewed more than 192,000 times by Friday afternoon.

The Bulls put out a call to identify the dogs who missed their love connection. (Because both dogs’ human friends were oblivious to the missed connection right in front of them.)

“We need your help! There was a missed connection at the DBAP at last night’s Bark in the Park,” the tweet reads.

The Bulls’ tweet had 93 comments, 1,382 retweets and 5,380 likes late Friday afternoon. People posted “Fox and the Hound” spaghetti date gifs while someone suggested Bandana Dog get a boombox, a la John Cusack in “Say Anything.”

Even the We Dog Rates Twitter account, with its 8 million followers, took notice with an “omg.”

Most of all, people wanted a pupdate on the pawsitively heart-warming but heart-wrenching tale.

Within a day, the Bulls found the owners who could make that happen.

“Loki is the love-struck pup with the Bulls bandana. Bowie is the Sheltie who caught Loki’s attention,” the Bulls tweeted Friday. “Excuse us as we take some deep breaths and start working on a reunion for the pair.”

Several times during the season, the Bulls let fans bring their dogs to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park as a fundraiser for local dog rescue groups.

No word yet on whether Loki and Bowie (or their humans) have scheduled their next pup date.

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Joe Johnson is a reporter covering breaking stories for The News & Observer. He most recently covered towns in western Wake County and Chatham County. Before that, he covered high school sports for The Herald-Sun.