Michael Stipe to present audiovisual installation at Moogfest

Multimedia artist and R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe will premiere an audiovisual installation that explores desire and movement during Moogfest 2017, to be held May 18-21. It will be set to a solo composition from Stipe himself.

Here are some more updates from Moogfest:

▪  Kate Shaw will deliver the keynote lecture on “Exploring the Universe and Impacting Society Worldwide with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.” Shaw will discuss the present-day and future impacts of the collider on society. She will also share findings from the work she has done promoting particle physics in developing countries through her Physics without Frontiers program

▪  Joe Davis of MIT will trace the history of several projects centered on ideas about extraterrestrial communications that have given rise to new scientific techniques and inspired new forms of artistic practice.

▪  Magenta by Google Brain: The Google brain team will bring its work to life through an interactive demo plus workshops on the creation of art and music through artificial intelligence.

▪  Zoltan Istvan (Immortality Bus), former U.S. presidential candidate and leading Transhumanist, will explore the path to immortality through science.

▪  Marc Fleury and members of the Church of Space — Park Krausen, Ingmar Koch, and Christof Veillon — return to Moogfest for a second year to present an expanded program with daily explorations in modern physics and the occult, Illuminati performances, and a Sunday Mass in their own dedicated “Church” venue.

▪  Andy Cavatorta of MIT Media Lab will present a conversation and workshop on a range of topics including the four-century history of music and performance at the forefront of technology.

▪  Michael Bierylo of the Berklee College of Music will present his Modular Synthesizer Ensemble alongside Csound workshops from fellow Berklee professor Richard Boulanger.

▪  Chris Ianuzzi, synthesist of Ciani-Musica and past collaborator with Vangelis and Peter Baumann, will present a daytime performance and sound exploration workshops with the B11 brain interface and NeuroSky headset.

▪  Duke University professors Mark Kruse and Katherine Hayles along with physicist Steven Goldfarb will lead the full ATLAS @ CERN program that will take place in addition to Kate Shaw's keynote address. The program will include a “virtual visit” to the Large Hadron Collider via a live video session, a half-day workshop analyzing and understanding LHC data, and a “Science Fiction versus Science Fact” live debate.

▪  Duke professors Ryan Shaw and Michael Clamann will lead a daily science pub talk series on topics that include future medicine, humans and anatomy, and quantum physics.

A full schedule and more details will come later. For tickets, visit