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Napping intruder tells startled homeowner to ‘give me an hour,’ North Carolina cops say

A homeowner in North Carolina was alerted to an intruder over the weekend when her screen door slammed shut in the middle of the afternoon, according to police.

But instead of a burglar, police said she found a drunk man catnapping on her sofa.

Layman Victor Mauney, 35, was arrested around 3:45 p.m. Saturday for breaking and entering, indecent exposure and being drunk and disruptive, according to an arrest report from the Shelby Police Department.

“(The homeowner) came to the living room and found Mauney laying on the couch with his pants down exposing his butt,” police said in the report. “(She) told him to get up and leave and Mauney replied stating he was just taking a nap and to give him an hour.”

Officers in Shelby, which is about an hour west of Charlotte, said they responded to a report of an “extremely intoxicated man” laying on someone’s couch and refusing to leave.

At least four women and a child were home when Mauney stumbled inside, according to the report.

One of the women confronted him while the others stayed in a back bedroom, police said, but he would not leave.

No one was injured during the encounter, but Mauney did eventually get up and start “pushing around a wheelchair and acting like he was going to punch the walls,” the report states.

He eventually left the house. The responding officer said he found Mauney “staggering” in another yard before traipsing into the roadway.

Mauney then laid down in the middle of an intersection and blocked traffic, according to the report.

Police said he got up as the officer approached, leaned on a nearby Toyota waiting at the stop sign and “made his way to the grass” before he was taken into custody.

The women at the house confirmed he was the same napping intruder.

Mauney was arrested under a $2,000 bond. In addition to the three misdemeanor charges, police issued him a traffic violation for impeding traffic by sitting, standing or lying on a roadway.

His next court date is Oct. 8.

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