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New Coke is making a comeback after its flop in 1985 — because of ‘Stranger Things’

Thanks to the show “Stranger Things,” New Coke will be available for a limited time.

Coca-Cola launched New Coke, which came with new ingredients, in 1985. But after the new drink upset soda lovers, the company switched back to its original recipe, according to USA Today.

Now the failed soft drink is coming back.

Coca-Cola announced on Twitter that it’s partnering with Netflix to make a limited supply of New Coke as a way to reach “Stranger Things” fans.

The third season of the show is set in 1985 and features stars drinking New Coke, according to a video Coca-Cola tweeted.

The limited supply of New Coke will be released on Thursday, USA Today reported.

The drinks will be available on and will be part of a package that includes two New Coke cans and a limited edition “Stranger Things” glass bottle, according to PennLive.