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Raleigh man beaten in police video is cited for assault on an officer

Kyron Hinton was cited Sunday, June 3, 2018, for assault on officer.
Kyron Hinton was cited Sunday, June 3, 2018, for assault on officer.

Kyron Dwain Hinton, 29, of Raleigh has had another altercation with law enforcement.

Hinton was cited early Sunday morning for assaulting an officer, according to his advocate, Diana Powell, CEO and executive director of Justice Served NC.

In an email, the Wake County Sheriff's Office said it responded at about 12:20 a.m. Sunday to a reported shooting at 2307 Golden Ave., Raleigh. Deputies didn't find a shooting victim, but they did find Hinton behind the residence, the email said.

Based on the deputies' observations of Hinton, they asked EMS to evaluate him. EMS personnel, Hinton's mother and deputies helped him get to the ambulance, the email said.

"Once in the ambulance, Mr. Hinton became combative and resisted treatment," the email said. "During the evaluation, Mr. Hinton kicked a deputy."

Hinton garnered widespread media attention in April. Hinton said that on April 3, he was crossing East Raleigh Street when he was beaten by law enforcement officers and bitten by a police dog. Video captured in the incident.

Dashboard video from a NC Highway patrol camera synched with audio from Wake County Sheriff's Deputy Broadwell camera show a Wake County sheriff's deputy release his police dog on Kyron Dwain Hinton, who was already surrounded by other officers.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office charged Hinton with disorderly conduct, resisting an officer and assault on a law enforcement animal in the April 3 incident. The charges were later dropped.

Cameron Broadwell, a Wake County sheriff's deputy, and state troopers Michael G. Blake and Tabitha L. Davis were later charged with assault.

Powell and Hinton's mother, Vicki Hinton, appeared Sunday afternoon at a press conference to tell their side of what happened earlier in the day.

"Mr. Hinton experienced another phobia attack as result of the recent trauma at the hands of law enforcement and a weaponized police dog," Powell said.

Vicki Hinton said she had called 911 early Sunday hoping to receive medical help for her son, who was experiencing a mental health-related emergency. She said the call was meant for EMS personnel assistance.

Powell said that Vicki Hinton's call was unrelated to a reported shooting.

Vicki Hinton said a Wake County Sheriff's Deputy was the first responder to arrive on scene.

Upon seeing the sheriff's deputy, Vicki Hinton said her son cried out, "Please don't let them kill me!"

The deputy's "presence and the thought of the presence of a police dog further disoriented Mr. Hinton," Powell said. "Mr. Hinton has been unable to work and exhibiting symptoms of PTSD in the aftermath of the disgusting use of force by police two months ago. …

"… It is sickening," she added.

Powell said Kyron Hinton has exhibited symptoms, including paranoia and difficulty sleeping, and she described the 29-year-old as "someone who is clearly ailing and afraid."

Along with advocating for the use of body cameras by law enforcement across the state, Powell said she and the Hinton family are asking for an "open and thorough." investigation into the use of police "authority to intimate black men."

Kyron Dwain Hinton, who suffered dog bites and injuries in an encounter with Wake County sheriff deputies, Raleigh police and N.C. Highway Patrol troopers says a soon-to-be-released police video supports his version of events and "speaks for itself."

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