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Anarchist says she’ll fight subpoena in Orange County GOP firebombing case

North Carolina resident Katie Yow appeared at the Federal Courthouse in Greensboro yesterday receiving a subpoena by a Federal Grand Jury on July 10.

Yow is a social worker and member of the anarchist movement.

She said in a statement, that she will not comply with the subpoena.

“I have been an anarchist for nearly half my life.” Yow says. “My convictions as an anarchist inform every part of my life, and being part of the anarchist movement gives me all the strength I need to resist this subpoena.

The subpoena is linked to a firebombing of the Orange County GOP headquarters in fall 2016, according to an interview Yow gave to

The website claims to be “a digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements.”

She told the site:

“We have now learned more from the Assistant US Attorney about the subject of the federal grand jury to which I have been subpoenaed. This grand jury is looking into what the government has described as a bombing at the GOP headquarters in Hillsborough, NC this past fall. The AUSA has also indicated that they are interested in “other people” and “other events.”

Yow goes on to say that she has no knowledge of anything regarding the alleged attack on the GOP headquarters.

Around 40 protestors showed up to back Yow’s rebellion against the grand jury.

According to the Greensboro News and Record, Yow said “It is so critical we mean what we say and by resisting this grand jury I will prove that I mean what I say,” in a statement to her supporters at the Court.

Yow is a social worker who formerly worked as an elementary school teacher and high school librarian. She is an activist for young people whose lives have been affected by the courts and incarceration.

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