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He’s a 31-pound cat, and he’s looking for his forever home. It’ll need a large food budget.

Do you have room in your heart or home for a 31-pound cat?

The Chatham County Animal Shelter is looking for a home for a gray tabby brought in as a stray. He weighs 31.4 pounds.

“He clearly had someone feeding him, but was brought in as a stray cat,” the shelter posted on Facebook on Monday.

Since the “big man” is too large to be comfortable in one of the shelter’s kennels, he’s being kept in the break room. Staff found him making himself at home in cabinet on Tuesday morning.

The rotund kitty will be available for adoption on Monday if his owners don’t reclaim him before then. Several people on social media said they’d be interested in adopting him.

So many people were interested, in fact, that the shelter on Friday made a change to the adoption process for the big guy.

Anyone interested in adopting him has to submit an application to the shelter with veterinary references. The applications are available on the shelter’s Facebook page and must be sent to After review, all accepted applications will be put in a drawing which will be held on Thursday, July 27 at 10 a.m. The adopter will have to sign a document stating they understand he will need extensive vet care, including exams, blood work, a veterinarian-prescribed diet plan and more.

“None of these things are cheap and we need to ensure his new family are willing and able to give him that,” the shelter said on Facebook.

The shelter’s Facebook post was shared more than 10,000 times by Thursday and had more than 1,400 comments and nearly 2,000 reactions.

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