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What to Watch on Thursday: Nat Geo launches docu-series aimed at poverty and equality


Activate: The Global Citizen Movement (10 p.m., National Geographic Channel) - This six-part documentary series focuses on extreme poverty, inequality and sustainability issues to mobilize global citizens to drive meaningful and lasting change. Each episode will have artist activists, including Hugh Jackman, Common, Usher, Rachel Brosnahan, Becky G, Darren Criss, Pharrell Williams, Uzo Aduba and Priyanka Chopra Jones exploring issues that cause those problems. Tonight’s premiere episode will have Jackman, Jones and Becky G engaging in campaigns to push world leaders to enact policy changes.

Mountain Men (9 p.m., History) - In the Season 8 finale, Eustace Conway, in the Turtle Island area of the North Carolina mountains, tries to obtain food and supplies to make it through winter.

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