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What to Watch on Monday: Will Miss NC find love on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Miss NC Caelynn Miller-Keyes on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Former Miss NC USA is on Season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which premieres on ABC.
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Former Miss NC USA is on Season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which premieres on ABC.

Bachelor in Paradise (8 p.m., ABC) - We’re still coming down off that crazy “Bachelorette” finale, but there’s no time to rest — ‘Paradise’ awaits. This season features Caelynn Miller-Keyes, the former Miss North Carolina USA (and former Miss USA runner-up) who appeared on Season 23 (the Colton season) of “The Bachelor.” In tonight’s premiere, nine men and 11 women arrive and Blake gets the first date. But also, “Caelynn must choose between men,” ABC tells us. Not sure if that means he also gets a date card. We’ll see! There are already rumors of Caelynn starting a romance with Dean Unglert, who appeared on a previous season of “The Bachelorette” and who will also be on this season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Colton Underwood recently told Us Weekly that Caelynn is “very, very happy” and that things “turned out well for her” since being on the “The Bachelor.” Also spotted in the “Bachelor in Paradise” trailer is the shady rascal Jordan Kimball, who got engaged to Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper at the end of last season’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” only to break things off when a reality TV blogger accused Jenna of cheating on Jordan — something Jenna steadfastly denies. Jenna is reportedly now writing a book about the ordeal. “Bachelor in Paradise” will air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC throughout the rest of the summer. We’ll do recaps this summer, but likely only when Caelynn does something “newsworthy.”

My Life is Murder (Acorn) - In this new streaming series, Lucy Lawless (“Xena”) stars as Alexa Crowe, a former homicide detective solving murder cases in Melbourne.

Kids Baking Championship (9 p.m., Food) - In the Season 7 premiere, Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman challenge nine young bakers to get creative with cakes in assigned flavors like chocolate, red velvet and coconut.

Mystic Britain (9 p.m., Smithsonian) - This new 10-episode series reveals the secrets of some of Britain’s most mysterious sites through a road trip that mixes mysticism with humor. Hosted by comedian Clive Anderson (“Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota. Tonight’s premiere focuses on “Witches and Demons” with a visit to the ancient Church of St. Mary’s Troston.

The Distant Barking of Dogs (10 p.m., PBS / UNC-TV) - A 10-year-old boy’s life in a warzone in eastern Ukraine is chronicled in this POV documentary directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont.

Serial Killer: Devil Unchained (10 p.m., Investigation Discovery) - The final two hours of this six-hour series on South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp air, with investigator Maria Awes touring Kohlhepp’s property and trying to identify accomplices. Most remarkably, Awes gets an unexpected confession from Kohlhepp about two men he claims to have killed.

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