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ADF fan? Share your memories with us.

People who happened to be in downtown Durham in early June, 1978, may have been perplexed to see a parade that included two 6-foot by 6-foot feet with red satin toenails, Band-Aids and bunions. The parade was staged by a dancer: Barbara Roan, a member of Don Redlich Dance Company, to proclaim “ADF Is Here!”

Since that day, audiences at the American Dance Festival have seen dances in a garden, pond and swimming pool. They have also seen a number of animals onstage, including a pygmy goat, a rooster and a dog that had found his way backstage and walked across the stage like he owned it.

And, just when dancegoers think they’ve seen everything – they see something new. After all, individual freedom is at the heart of modern dance so the possibilities are endless.

And, now we’d like to hear from readers about their favorite American Dance Festival memory for a feature that will run during this the American Dance 40th year in Durham.

Please include your name, the town you live in, a phone number or email address where you can be reached and how many years you have attended ADF. Also, include why the memory is a favorite.

Responses may be sent by July 14 to with the subject ADF Memory.