What to Watch on Friday: The ‘Black Widow’ murderer in a two-hour 20/20 doc


Black Widow (9 p.m., ABC) - At first, authorities believed Stacey Castor’s first husband died of a heart attack and that her second husband killed himself by drinking booze and antifreeze. But detectives were suspicious because of inconsistencies in her story, and discovered she had actually murdered both husbands. Then, Stacey called 911 to say that her daughter attempted suicide (booze and pills) and that she had left a suicide note admitting to murdering her father and stepfather. Stacey was convicted in 2009 and sentenced her to the maximum penalty of 51 1/3 years to life in state prison. ABC’s “Black Widow” documentary features an archived interview from prison with Stacey as well as with members of her defense team, prosecutors, investigators, reporters and family members of the men she killed.

Also on tonight . . .

Hell’s Kitchen (8 p.m., Fox) - In the season finale, the final two chefs get unexpected help with their menus.

Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me (9 p.m., Showtime) - This documentary explores the rise of legendary soul singer Teddy Pendergrass and his comeback after being paralyzed from a car accident at the age of 31.

Live from Lincoln Center: Pipeline (9 p.m., PBS / UNC-TV) - In this new play by Dominique Morisseau, an inner-city teacher tries to help her son after he gets in trouble at school.

2 Dope Queens (11 p.m., HBO) - The second season of the Jessica Williams - Phoebe Robinson series opens with guest Lupita Nyong’o.

One Day at a Time (Netflix) - The third season of this critically acclaimed series returns. It’s a reimagining of the Norman Lear classic but with a Cuban American family, starring Justina Muchado and Rita Moreno. If you haven’t watched this, binge all three seasons ASAP. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

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