‘Still & Barrel’: Tar Heels and local spirits

North Carolina is becoming known for its local breweries, but in “Still & Barrel” (John F. Blair, $19.95), John Francis Trump profiles the entrepreneurs who are distilling “craft spirits.” Among the distillers he profiles are the Brothers Vilgalys Spirits of Durham, Durham Distillery, Top of the Hill Distillery of Chapel Hill, and Fair Game Beverage Co. of Pittsboro.

Trump gives a brief primer on how liquor gets made, and a capsule history of spirits in the Old North State, including the 2015 “One-Bottle Law” that allowed local distillers (with some restrictions) to sell their goods on site. For each distillery, Trump profiles the owners, and includes location and tour information, making it a guidebook for those interested in sampling some of these local products. For more on this book, visit blairpub.com.

Here are some more releases and events:

▪  In the author’s note to his new novel “The Lost History of the Stars,” Dave Boling writes that the book was inspired by his grandfather’s experiences as a British soldier during the Second Anglo-Boer War in South Africa from 1899 to 1902. During his research, he found out that “twenty-two thousand Boer children died in British concentration camps — more than the combined fatalities among soldiers on both sides,” he writes.

Boling tells this story through the eyes of Lettie, a 14-year-old who is forced into one of the camps while her father and other family members are off fighting the British. For more on this book, visit Algonquin Books at www.algonquin.com.

▪  Many economists and scholars of other fields believe “that modern legal institutions are a necessary component in the path to prosperity,” writes Duke law and business professor Barak D. Richman in his new book “Stateless Commerce: The Diamond Network and the Persistence of Relational Exchange” (Harvard University Press). Richman examines how the diamond trade operates and thrives in view of the fact that it has created “[its] own system of law.”

For more on this book, visit www.hup.hardard.edu.

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