Adam Friedman has that California feeling

Singer Adam Friedman will open for Mike Posner at Cat’s Cradle.
Singer Adam Friedman will open for Mike Posner at Cat’s Cradle. Submitted photo; Naserin Bogado

Singer-songwriter Adam Friedman has that California feeling. He grew up in Arizona but his father grew up in California and as a kid they’d go visit family. Friedman would beg his family to move there, and made it his life goal. Now he’s lived there the past three years, and his new song, Lemonade,” featuring Mike Posner, is about finding a California girl.

Friedman opens for Posner at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro on Saturday, April 15.

In “Lemonade,” Friedman sings: “California, you’re my last hope, give me someone I can take home...” So what is it about the West coast?

“The first thing is the ocean. There’s something about the Pacific Ocean,” he said. Friedman could be having the most hectic day, but go to ocean and feel better. “It just intrigues me. There’s beautiful scenery. And third, the [music] industry. The people — they give a s***. The music industry, this is the heart of it, people so amazing and talented,” Friedman said.

The light, airy “Lemonade” is off his debut “Green” EP. Another song, “What If,” has gotten a lot of attention earlier this year after performances on “The Bachelor” and “Today” television shows.

Friedman spoke with The Herald-Sun by phone while in Los Angeles, on his way to the rehearsal space to pick up equipment and head out on the road in a giant Sprinter van. Posner is traveling by bus, and they’ll caravan most of the tour together. They perform together last summer in Durham at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Friedman remembers there was a yoga class nearby.

Crowds differ around the country.

“There’s this enthusiasm they have in Ohio. New York has the electric kind of vibe, something is always happening there,” Friedman said. “The South has its own vibe. More like quiet. Not quiet, but they show their love in a more quiet way. The audiences are more attentive and less rambuctious.”

Television is decidedly different than touring. With TV, you have the opportunity to play in front of millions of people, he said. Performing on “The Bachelor” meant 20 million people listened to him, but he didn’t get to see those 20 million people listening to him. Performing on stage, the stage and audience becomes a seamless thing, he said, with a flow to it.

Friedman will be on the road until May 6, and the caravan will split at some point with Posner’s crew trying to hit National Parks, he said.

“I’m trying to hit the the Everglades in Florida and the mountains in Tennessee. There’s definitely going to be some major stops. I’m really big on just disconnecting and going outside and cleansing the soul, if that makes sense,” Friedman said.

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GO & DO:

WHO: Adam Friedman, opening for Mike Posner

WHEN: 8:30 p.m. Saturday, April 15

WHERE: Cat’s Cradle

300 E. Main St., Carrboro

TICKETS: $20 advance/$24 day of show. catscradle.com