Prep Notebook: ECH reigns over PAC-6 swimming; Person changes coaches

Jan. 23, 2013 @ 11:32 PM

When it comes to swimming, East Chapel Hill is all-in on winning.
The Wildcats kept their unbeaten streak alive in PAC-6 championships since moving up from the 3-A ranks in the mid-2000s, routing four-team fields in both the boys and girls finals Tuesday night.
The ECH girls swept all 11 swimming events in routing runner-up Jordan 734-489. The boys’ title run wasn’t much closer, as the Wildcats stopped Jordan 707-557.
The only fly in the ointment for the ECH boys was Northern’s Connor Williams, whose three wins were the most in the individual events. He took the 200 and 500 freestyle and 100 breaststroke. Not coincidentally, those were the only three boys’ events not won by an East Chapel Hill swimmer or diver.
Koya Osada, ECH’s top male swimmer, was part of four events including the 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay teams. He also won the 100 backstroke and 200 individual medley.
East Chapel Hill’s Morgan Smith won two individual (200 and 400 free) and two relay titles (200 and 400 free), and teammate Carolina Liu won the 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke and was on the winning 200 medley relay team.
In the girls’ run to the title, Hannah Glisso of Riverside put up the only roadblock on an otherwise perfect night. Glisso was the only finisher in the 1-meter diving competition.
ECH coach Lyn Smith, who won a state 4-A title with the girls’ team in 2010, said she was particularly proud of her swimmers because they didn’t target the PAC-6 meet.
“Most of our kids are going to states and they’ve been going hard in practice, so they were really pretty tired coming into this meet,” Smith said, pointing to the Feb. 2 state high school regionals that ECH also has dominated.
At least two dozen — and more like 30 — Wildcat swimmers will have met regional qualifying standards by the time entries are submitted on Saturday, Smith said.
“We have a lot of people who stand out,” Smith said. “Our team is so deep.”
Unlike Olympic swimming, state high school rules limit regional participation to two events per qualifier. So Osada and Williams, for example, won’t be able to replicate their PAC-6 performances at that level.

Coaching change
Roxboro Person assistant coach David Kleine has been named to replace Doug Robertson as the Rockets’ head football coach.
Robertson resigned over the weekend and was announced as the new head coach at Eastern Guilford in Gibsonville on Monday.
Robertson coached one season at Person after being hired from perennial state 2-A power Reidsville, where he went 36-7 in three seasons as head coach and won the state 2-AA title in 2009.
Reidsville also won four state titles during Robertson’s 2001-08 tenure as defensive coordinator at the school.
At Person, he went 3-8 after taking over a 1-10 program from predecessor Lou Geary.

PAC-6 4-A Championship
at UNC’s Koury Natatorium
Final Team Standings*
1. East Chapel Hill 707, Jordan 557, Riverside 388, Northern 243.
* Southern, Hillside and Roxboro Person did not compete.
Top 3 Event Finishers

200 medley relay—1. ECH (Koya Osada, Liam McCullough, Oliver Hudgins, Matt Creatore) 1:41.60; 2. ECH ‘B’ (Shuya Osada, Allen Zhou, Vincent Lai, Will Krakow) 1:46.46; 3. Jordan (Stephen Young, Alex Bird, Rob Schaefer, J.C. Bradley) 1:48.66. 200 free—1. Connor Williams (N) 1:46.23; 2. Max Howes (ECH) 1:46.62; 3. Michael Wohl (ECH) 1:53.46. 200 IM—1. Koya Osada (ECH) 1:58.43; 2. Connor Hoffman (N) 2:04.50; 3. Stephen Young (J) 2:08.58. 50 free—1. Matt Creatore (ECH) 22.51; 2. Jake Dressman (J) 23.04; 3. Conor Guest (ECH) 23.18. 1-meter diving—1. James Brady (ECH) 481.27; 2. Aaron Daniels-Freeman (R) 447.60; 3. Kyle Peek (J) 282.00. 100 fly—1. Oliver Hudgins (ECH) 55.18; 2. Rob Schaefer (J) 55.45; 3. Vincent Lai (ECH) 56.48. 100 free—1. Michael Wohl (ECH) 49.16; 2. Jake Dressman (J) 51.23; 3. Bijan Zakerin (ECH) 51.96. 500 free—1. Connor Williams (N) 4:50.14; 2. Max Howes (ECH) 4:56.45; 3. Rob Schaefer (J) 5:09.07. 200 free relay—1. ECH (Bijan Zakerin, Michael Wohl, Max Howes, Matt Creatore) 1:31.45; 2. Jordan (Jake Dressman, Evan Heath, Ben Simpson J.C. Bradley) 1:35.47; 3. Riverside (Harry Schrickx, David Ross, Micah Goodwin, Thomas Gallagher) 1:36.41. 100 back—1. Koya Osada (ECH) 53.81; 2. Shuya Osada (ECH) 56.62; 3. Stephen Young (J) 58.12. 100 breast—1. Connor Hoffman (N) 1:02.39; 2. Liam McCullough (ECH) 1:03.87; 3. Matt Creatore (ECH) 1:05.12. 400 free relay—1. ECH (Michael Wohl, Oliver Hudgins, Max Howes, Koya Osada) 3:20.91; 2. ECH ‘B’ (Will Krakow, Shuya Osada, Conor Guest, Bijan Zakerin) 3:29.98; 3. Jordan (Evan Heath, Xavier Boudreau, Gabe Keaveney, Ben Simpson) 3:50.93.

PAC-6 4-A Championship
at UNC’s Koury Natatorium
Final Team Standings*
1. East Chapel Hill 734, Jordan 489, Riverside 379, Northern 216.
* Southern, Hillside and Roxboro Person did not compete.
Top 3 Event Finishers

200 medley relay—1. ECH (Caroline Liu, Keira McCullough, CeCe Marzinsky, Elizabeth Jensen) 1:57.11; 2. Riverside (Sophie McNeill, Carly Speight, Katrina Huff, Natalie Liller) 2:02.36; 3. ECH ‘B’ (Jennifer Xu, Leigha Vilen, Kathy Dai, Katie Toles) 2:02.89. 200 free—Morgan Smith (ECH) 2:03.74; 2. Sophie McNeill (R) 2:04.09; 3. Jennifer Xu (ECH) 2:10.42. 200 IM—1. Keira McCullough (ECH) 2:16.35; 2. Mariel Gampe (J) 2:18.51; 3. CeCe Marzinsky (ECH) 2:18.96. 50 free—1. Chelsea Yu (ECH) 26.04; 2. Elizabeth Jensen (ECH) 26.37; 3. Kathy Dai (ECH) 27.19. 1-meter diving—1. Hannah Glisso (R) 239.97. 100 fly—1. CeCe Marzinsky (ECH) 1:01.77; 2. Mariel Gampe (J) 1:02.87; 3. Kathy Dai (ECH) 1:03.09. 100 free—1. Chelsea Yu (ECH) 57.60; 2. Maggie Meshnick (ECH) 58.57, 3. Elizabeth Jensen (N) 59.60. 500 free—1. Morgan Smith (ECH) 5:24.30; 2. Kendall Whortan (ECH) 5:46.54; 3. Emily Ashton (J) 6:18.99. 200 free relay—1. ECH (Keira McCullough, Chelsea Yu, Elizabeth Jansen, Morgan Smith) 1:46.31; 2. Riverside (Katrina Huff, Carly Speight, Natalie Liller, Sophie McNeill) 1:47.98; 3. ECH ‘B’ (Kathy Dai, Katie toles, Hannah Lee, Maggie Meshnick) 1:51.94. 100 back—1. Caroline Liu (ECH) 1:01.76; 2. Sophie McNeill (ECH) 1:05.10; 3. Jennifer Xu (ECH) 1:06.82. 100 breast—1. Caroline Liu (ECH) 1:09.36; 2. Keira McCullough (ECH) 1:13.92; 3. Emily Ashton (J) 1:16.49. 400 free relay—1. ECH (CeCe Marzinsky, Chelsea Yu, Maggie Meshnick, Morgan Smith) 3:52.49; 2. ECH ‘B’ (Valentina Quintero, Kendall Whortan, Caroline Liu, Jennifer Xu) 4:09.04; 3. Jordan (Emily Ashton, Allison Shaughnessey, Megan Lott, Mariel Gampe) 4:14.47.