Apr. 18, 2013 @ 11:13 PM

Chapel Hill dug deep for a couple of second-half goals and beat Carrboro 3-1 in a battle of wearied warriors on Thursday.

Both teams put a point on the scoreboard within the non-conference rivalry game’s first four minutes before the nets closed for the half.

Chapel Hill (14-1-1) got in the first lick when Alexandra “A.K.” Kimball fed Leah Whitney for a goal.

Carrboro’s Emma Houser caught up with a corner kick from Leah Simon to put the Jaguars in business.

The Tigers were working some pretty triangles to move the ball, but purple Carrboro (11-3) jerseys kept showing up to halt the production.

The green shirt worn by Jaguars goalie Benedike Turner stayed around the ball, too. Turner had nine saves.

“She kept us in the game tonight, let’s be honest,” Carrboro coach Mark Kadlecik said.

“She’s great,” Chapel Hill coach Ron Benson said of Turner. “Of course, shooting it straight at her a lot of times helps her, too. We were off tonight, to tell you the truth.”

It’s that time of the season when legs get heavy and heart and soul must carry tired bodies.

“We’ve had a tough game or two,” Benson said. “Our legs were tired. But then we said, ‘Look, we don’t care if you’re tired or not; you’ve got to play.’”

The Tigers picked it up in the second half, Benson said.

“This is not our best soccer,” Benson said. “But the other team had something to do with that. They were playing hard, getting in the way.”

Chapel Hill got second-half goals from Kimball and Megan Dell, who looped one over Turner’s head.

“Kimball showed her class tonight playing up top, showed why she’s going to be at UNC,” Kadlecik said, referring to her signing with national powerhouse North Carolina to play soccer. “Throughout the game, Chapel Hill did a nice job keeping the ball.

“It’s both teams’ third game of the week, but we had a tough one Monday. I think it took a little bit out of us.”

With the state playoffs approaching, the loss actually was right on time for the Jags, Kadlecik said.

“We needed this game. We’ve been on a string, unfortunately, lately where we’ve kind of had our way,” Kadlecik said. “So for us to get tested like this in this part of the season is very good for us.”

Chapel Hill 3, Carrboro 1

Chapel Hill    1    2—3
Carrboro    1    0—1

Goals—Carrboro, Emma Houser; Chapel Hill, Leah Whitney, Alexandra Kimball, Megan Dell.

Assists—Carrboro, Leah Simon; Chapel Hill, Kimball, Dell, Whitney. Shots—Carrboro 6, Chapel Hill 15. Saves—Carrboro 9 (Benedike Turner 9); Chapel Hill 2 (Aylee Whitesides 2).

Records—Carrboro 11-3; Chapel Hill 14-1-1.