All-PAC-6 4-A spring sports teams announced

May. 18, 2013 @ 04:16 PM

The PAC-6 4-A — Hillside, Southern, Northern, Riverside, Jordan, Roxboro Person and East Chapel Hill released its spring sports’ all-conference teams this week.

The conference also provided a boys’ lacrosse all-conference team, but it is not affiliated with the PAC-6. The schools that compete in boys’ lacrosse Conference 4 include PAC-6 members Jordan, Riverside and Northern as well as Carolina 6 3-A Conference member Oxford Webb and Carolina 12 1-A/2-A Conference member Roxboro Community School.

No girls’ Conference 4 lacrosse team was announced.

Following are the complete teams based on information provided by the PAC-6.




Player of the Year — Max Smith (East Chapel Hill).

Coach of the Year — Lindsey Linker (ECH)


SINGLES — Max Smith, Jack Devonport, Josh George, Connor Lutz, Thomas Wang and Robert Bond (ECH); Sam Bacon, Charles Herst, Cameron Pyle and Colin Eimers (Jordan); David Senerchia and Dillon Leovic (Northern) and John Ornitto (Person). Honorable mention — Kevin Ostrowski (J), Ryan Arundale (N) and George Cooke (Riverside).

DOUBLES — Max Smith/Drew Clary, Jack Devonport/Josh George, Thomas Wang/Ondrej Drobny (ECH); Sam Bacon/Patrick Taylor and Cameron Pyle/Charles Herst (J); John Ornitto/Brandon Chambers (P); Ben Evans/Josh Evans (R). Honorable mention — David Senerchia/Chris Givens and Ryan Arundale/Dillon Leovic (N).



Coach of the Year — Doug Robertson (Person)

Player of the Year — Anna Cherry (Jordan)

All-Conference (by school)

Jordan — Anna Cherry, Jennifer Pidgeon, Hannah Shoaf, Alandra Williams, Hannah Hayes. Honorable mention — Loren Bullock.

East Chapel Hill — Mykaela Watt, Sydney Levine, Elizabeth Kupec. Honorable mention — Addison Agatucci.

Northern — Callie Horn, Kirsten Ellis, Callie Maunder. Honorable mention —Libby Cheek.

Hillside — Erica Holloway. Honorable mention — Ariyana Easterling.

Riverside — Kia Smith, Lindsey Wiggins, Ashley James, McKenzie Green, Chacha Moye. Honorable mention — Chelsea Garrett, Danielle Kelly.

Person — Jasmine McCain, Leigh Ann Charles, Hannah Blalock, Alyssa Horton. Honorable mention — Morgan Blalock, Abby Church.

Southern — Ashley Latson, Darby Adams. Honorable mention — Lillian Stevens.



Coach of the Year — Doug Simmons (Riverside)

Player of the Year — Jonathan “Bub” Deluca (R)


Pitcher — Zack Garrison (Northern); Blake Morgan and Cameron Snow (Riverside); Patrick Morgan (Person); Elliott Bentley (Jordan). Honorable mention — Austin Cole (P).

Catcher — Jake Kusz (R); Josh Bumgarner (Southern). Honorable mention — Josh Baldwin (East Chapel Hill); Dillon Roberts (N).

Infield — Jonathan “Bub” Deluca and Cameron Snow (R); Austin Cole and Matt Overby (P); Wood Myers and Carter Dillard (J); Dante Brewer (S); Josh Helm (N). Honorable mention — Nick Wallace (P); Zack Garrison and Pete Vurnakes (N); Steven Oakley (J).

Outfield — Jon Thornburg and Patrick Morgan (P); Blake Morgan and Kory Behenna (R); Jamari Burk (ECH); A.J. Bumpass (N); Matt Tilly (J). Honorable mention — Devin Watkins (S).

Utility — John Page (ECH); Jeff Walker (P). Honorable mention — Kerry Walker (J).



Player of the Year — Jordan Donnelly (ECH)

Co-Coaches of the Year — Jared Drexler (ECH) and Sarah Kaneko (Jordan)

All-Conference (by school)

East Chapel Hill — Jordan Donnelly, Emma Daum, Dylan Bedell, Hannah Lee. Honorable mention — Lauren Douglas, Caitlin Scurra, Anna Noonan.

Hillside — Ana Krah, Lanita Hughes. Honorable mention — Justine Lyon, Jareea Bullock, Brianna Head.

Jordan — Kimmie O’Brien, Shelby Hicks, Millie Blivin, Rachel Hill. Honorable mention — Julie Perkins, Kate Ford.

Northern — Nicole Crutchfield, Sarah McAdon, Carly Baker. Honorable mention — Serenity Ervik, MacKenzie Utley, Olivia Cotton, Caitlin Bell.

Riverside — Tori Newnam, Kala Hudson, Christine Devries. Honorable mention — Eliza Butts, Scotia Daniels, Amanda Pasca, Robin Lowe-Skillern.

Southern — Flor Garcia, Maria Campos. Honorable mention — Lauren Moore, Brittany Patterson.

Person — Jordan Reina. Honorable mention — Courtney Johnson, Cierra Matherly, Danielle Russell.

Goalies — Rachel Baron (J); Yesenia Garcia (S). Honorable mention — Kirsten Smith (H).




MVP, Field Events — Charity Shaw (Southern)

MVP, Track Events — Atlanta Woodall (Riverside)

All-Conference (by event)

Shot put — Régene Watson (Southern)x Taylor Blake (Jordan). Discus — Koffia Lipscomb (Northern), Régene Watson (S). Long jump — Imari McLean (Hillside)x Charity Shaw (S). Triple jump - Charity Shaw (S), Zuri White (N). High jump — Jordyn Brown (J), Tamara Thorpe (N). Pole vault — Jenna Jones (East Chapel Hill), Anna Woodall (ECH).

4x800 — East Chapel Hill, Jordan. 100 hurdles — Charity Shaw (S), Taleya Harris (H). 100 — Atlanta Woodall (Riverside), Imari McLean (H). 4x200 — Riverside, Hillside. 1600 — Pegah Kamrani (ECH), Veronica Walker (N). 4x100 — Riverside, Hillside. 400 — Jordyn Brown (J), Sharyah Bethea (R). 300 hurdles — Taleya Harris (H), Darian Nonnemaker (J). 800 — Pegah Kamrani (ECH), Veronica Walker (N). 200 — Atlanta Woodall (R), Christina Mattioli (J). 3200 — Pegah Kamrani (ECH), Veronica Walker (N). 4x400 — Hillside, Jordan, East Chapel Hill.



MVP, Field Events — Jon Beyle (East Chapel Hill)

MVP, Track Events —Nikolaus Kreiling (Jordan)

All-Conference (by event)

Shot put — Jon Beyle (ECH), Jalen Peterkin (S). Discus — Jon Beyle (ECH), B.J. Aanite (R). Long jump — Marcus Krah (H), Trevon McClary (J). Triple jump — Marcus Krah (H), Marqueless Goldston (R). High jump — Terrance Bradsher (S), Lenzie Atkins (J). Pole vault — Jessie Mechanic (ECH), Joey Shafer (J). 4x800 — East Chapel Hill, Jordan. 110 hurdles — Marcus Krah (H), Matthew Evans (J). 100 — William Cameron (S), Darius Smiley (R), Will Buckley (ECH).

4x200 — Riverside, Southern. 1600 — Nikolaus Kreiling (J), Colton Lawson (N). 4x100 — Riverside, Southern. 400 — Khari Battle (ECH), Noah Drew (J). 300 hurdles — Nick Taylor (Person), Matthew Evans (J). 800 — Sam Minor (ECH), Josh Moore (R). 200 — Darius Smiley (R), Will Cameron (S). 3200 — Nikolaus Kreiling (J), Nick Walker (N). 4x400 — East Chapel Hill, Hillside.



Player of the Year — Ben Griffin (East Chapel Hill)

Coach of the Year — Ben Huffman (Riverside).


by order of finish

1. Ben Griffin (ECH); 2. Michael Wicker (Northern) ; 3. Newt Barringer (Riverside); T-4. Carson Hunt (R), Joe Jongkind (R) and Alex Brese (R); 7. Luke Perry (N); 8. Josh Fried (ECH); 9. Jesse Moore (Person); T-10. Justin Avila (Jordan), Junior Schrickx (R) and Nate Pritchard (ECH).



(Conference 4, Not PAC-6)

Coach of the Year — Jamie Sliwa (Jordan)

Player of the Year — Thomas Schmidt (Jordan)


Goalkeeper — Christian Tilley (Webb). Honorable mention — Paris Ahrens-Nichols (Roxboro Community School).

Long-stick Midfielder — Rufus Terry (W). Honorable mention — Brandon Winrow (J).

Attack — Owen Perrien and Jesse Milton (J); Antonio Jones (W); C.J. Carpenter and Spencer Anderson (R). Honorable mention — Nick Allen (RCS).

Defense — Jacob Eller (R); Cedric Spence (W); Dustin Taylor (RCS); Sam Helwig (J). Honorable mention — Ben Harrison and Luke Beauchaine (R); Lucas Hartman (Northern); Aiden Marion (J).

Midfield — Thomas Schmidt and Flynn Marrion (J); Jake Penningar and Will Burton (R); Jacob Ragland (W); Stefan Van Doorn (RCS).