Jack Britt H.S. takes Tiger wrestling tourney by the tail

Dec. 29, 2012 @ 10:15 PM

An eight-second explosion rocketed Orange 138-pounder Jack Twomey-Kozak to a personal milestone in winning the Tiger Holiday Classic on Saturday, winning the only title among Triangle wrestlers participating in the prestigious 37-team event.
After a scoreless first period, Twomey-Kozak chose the bottom position to start the second period against Michael Edwards of tough Creekview (Ga.). He fired into a switch, came standing with a changeover and cut through to escape.
The series of moves lasted just eight seconds, and would be the only scoring of the bout. Twomey-Kozak kept Edwards pasted to the mat in the third period to clinch the 1-0 win.
“It’s great because actually I never placed here before. My sophomore year I lost to like two state champs and last year I lost to a state champ and a kid who took second at states,” Twomey-Kozak said.
But this year it was great to be top seed,” he said. “I’m blessed to win the tournament.”
Orange finished third in the team standings, behind runaway champions Fayetteville Jack Britt and runner-up Creekview. Durham School of the Arts finished 13th in the team race. Chapel Hill was 19th, Jordan 21st, Carrboro 24th, Granville Central 29th, East Chapel Hill 35th, and Voyager Academy 36th.
“It’s taken us a long time to win the Tiger,” said John Deweese, in his 13th year as head coach of Jack Britt. “But this team just put it all together and we’re basically wrestling without five of our starters” due to holiday travel and a flu outbreak.
“I thought the level of competition, the top of it was very good,” said host Chapel Hill coach Tripp Price, who has been with the program for 32 years, now in his second stint as head coach. “The kid from Georgia who was (Most Outstanding Wrestler, 182-pounder Chip Ness of Buford) is nationally ranked and he’s a really good kid. And at 120 pounds, the top nine kids in that weight class were state qualifiers last year.”
Price said the goal for the tournament is “to get it back to the point where we’re seeing that top level of kid so we can prepare our kids in this area for that national level and that regional level.”
Orange had a second-place finisher in David Peters-Logue, who got pinned in a close call against Dylan Nelson of Piedmont, the returning 2A 160-pound state champ. Anderson Pope (145) took third place, and Collin Smith (126) and Michael Proctor (132) placed fourth for Orange.
DSA had a fourth-place finisher in Josh Sawyer (170), and a fifth-place finisher in Drake Swigart (120). Arthur Colson (285) finished fifth for Chapel Hill. Robbie Tomasic (126) was runner-up and Tyrece Jones (182) took third for Jordan. Stephen Dreher (120) was sixth for Carrboro. Nathan Bizzell (152) was second for Granville Central, and teammate Arie Freeman (126) placed sixth.
December has been a big month for Twomey-Kozak. Aside from winning the Tiger, he was accepted at Brown University and will wrestle there. He also went to New York City to collect his 2012 Wendy’s High School Heisman Award for outstanding athletics, academics and community leadership among North Carolina high school athletes.
Twomey-Kozak said he knew going into Saturday’s finals bout “the kid was going to be good on his feet. I’d seen him wrestle before, so I was going to wrestle conservative. … In the third period I knew I had to ride him so I looked at coach and coach said grind it out.” An occasional cross body ride and power half, alternated with a tight waist ride helped Twomey-Kozak to the title.
At 160, Peters-Logue gave up a first period takedown to Nelson, who worked off a double leg. He let Peters-Logue escape to lead 2-1 after the first period. Nelson popped out the back door of a Peters-Logue cross-body ride in the second to go up 3-1. Then in the third, the Panther sat out and escaped to narrow the score to 3-2 and put both men on their feet.
“He was in a better position than I was and he shot a good shot and I locked in between the crotch hoping for a stalemate,” Peters-Logue said, blaming himself for “a split second where I got lackadaisical” as Nelson snatched the Panther’s leg over his shoulder, leaned back against the upside down Peters-Logue and pinned him.
“It was a real funky position,” Peters-Logue said. “He was a brute guy.” Peters-Logue said he didn’t think he was pinned, but, he allowed, “3-2 and getting stuck is just unacceptable.”
Bizzell started strong against Aaron Dickson of Jack Britt, looking to get the better of his opponent in a scrappy flurry that punctuated the first period.
“I couldn’t finish it. I thought I had the two points, I bailed on it too quick. It was my mistake,” Bizzell said. Dickson came up with a single leg takedown to lead 2-0 after the first period. Dickson then rode the Granville Central grappler most of the second period, throwing in Turks and two-on-one rides before Bizzell escaped in the waning seconds to make it 2-1.
But Dickson hit a switch to escape in the third period, used a cradle for a takedown and picked up a stalling point called against Bizzell in the final period to make it 6-1.
“He was so tall. I would try to base up and before I could base up he had my wrists and was just all over me. I couldn’t do anything,” Bizzell said.
At 126, Jordan’s Tomasic ran into a buzzsaw in losing a 20-7 major decision to East Gaston’s Jacob Grigg, who scored nine takedowns and one reversal. Tomasic’s points were all giveaways by Grigg, who played the take-him-down, let-him-up game. Tomasic repeatedly made weak shots with his head down and little penetration, and Grigg basically did a spin drill for the majority of his takedowns.

Tiger Holiday Classic
at Chapel Hill High School
Team Scoring

1. Jack Britt 188.5. 2. Creekview, Ga. 158.5. 3. Orange 155.5. 4. Piedmont 150. 5. Croatan 134. 6. Southview 130. 7. Buford, Ga. 129.5. 8. Bandys 105. 9. Laney 100.5. 10. Swansboro 96. 11. Mooresville 95, New Bern 95. 13. East Gaston 93.5. 14. Trinity 83.5. 15. Olympic 74. 16. Durham School of the Arts 73. 17. Jordan 69.5. 18. West Johnston 65. 19. Chatham Central 64. 20. Western Harnett 63. 21. West Carteret 61.5. 22. Alleghany 58.5. 23. Chapel Hill 57. 24. Bunn 55. 25. Parkwood 51.5. 26. Granville Central 51. 27. Havelock 49. 28. Carrboro 47.5. 29. Watauga 47. 30. Spring Valley 46.5. 31. Northern Nash 44. 32. Green Hope 36. 33. Apex 34. 34. West Montgomery 22. 35. East Chapel Hill 10. 36. Voyager Academy 4. 37. Clayton 0.
Finish By Weight Class
106—1. Andrew Wanovich (Britt)); 2. Samuel Crisp (Mooresville)); 3. Bryan Mol (Swansboro); 4. Darius Bunch (Buford); 5. Tony Jimenez (West Johnston); 6. Ryan Camp (Creekview).
Place matches: 1st, Wanovich 3-2 dec. over Crisp; 3rd, Mol 9-6 dec. over Bunch; 5th, Jimenez pin 1:58 over Camp.
113—1. Richard Tolston (Britt); 2. Tyler Henson (Swansboro); 3. Chance Davis (Apex); 4. Jack Barber (Buford); 5. Grant Slater (Creekview); 6. Dustin Smith (West Carteret).
Place matches—1st, Tolston tech. fall 15-0 over Henson; 3rd, Davis 9-6 dec. over Barber; 5th, Slater 7-4 dec. over Smith.
120—1. Alex Bray (Croatan); 2. Asher Goodwin (Olympic); 3. Ty Franklin (Allgehany); 4. Michael Bedard (East Gaston); 5. Drake Swigart (Durham School of the Arts); 6. Stephen Dreher (Carrboro).
Place matches—1st, Bray 4-3 dec. over Goodwin; 3rd, Franklin 3-2 dec. over Bedard; 5th, Swigart (DSA) 4-1 dec. over Dreher.
126—1. Jacob Grigg (East Gaston); 2. Robbie Tomasic (Jordan); 3. Brayden Hartley (Buford); 4. Collin Smith (Orange); 5. Jonathan Iannone (South View); 6. Arie Freeman (Granville Central).
Place matches—1st, Grigg maj. dec. 20-7 over Tomasic; 3rd, Hartley 4-0 dec. over Smith; 5th, Iannone 13-10 dec. over Freeman.
132—1. Demetreus Kostis (Watauga); 2. Ryan Davis (Havelock); 3. Chris Jaeger (Chatham Central); 4. Michael Proctor (Orange); 5. Harley Silver (South View); 6. Matt Harkins (West Montgomery).
Place matches—1st, Kostis 5-2 dec. over Davis; 3rd, Jaeger 5-2 dec. over Proctor; 5th, Silver 8-1 dec. over Harkins.
138—1. Jack Twomey-Kozak (Orange); 2. Michael Edwards (Creekview); 3. Cole Plott (Laney); 4. Camron Crowe (Bandys); 5. Kyle Stiffler (Spring Valley); 6. Brody McGrath (Croatan).
Place matches—1st, Twomey-Kozak 1-0 dec. over Edwards; 3rd, Plott 6-5 dec. over Crowe; 5th, Stiffler 7-4 dec. over McGrath.
145—1. Eric Milks (New Bern); 2. Alex Ledford (East Gaston); 3. Anderson Pope (Orange); 4. Petelo Mikaele (Britt); 5. Alex Guevara (Trinity); 6. Justin Todd (Alleghany).
Place matches—1st, Milks 5-0 dec. over Ledford; 3rd, Pope 10-0 major dec. over Mikaele; 5th, Guevara 7-0 dec. over Todd.
152—1. Aaron Dickson (Britt); 2. Nathan Bizzell (Granville Central); 3. Lucas Smith (Piedmont); 4. Jarred Brooks (Mooresville); 5. James Ryan (Trinity); 6. Justin Pettyjohn (Creekview).
Place matches—1st, Dickson 6-1 dec. over Bizzell; 3rd, Smith 3-1 dec. over Brooks; 5th, Ryan pin 0:44 over Pettyjohn.
160—1. Dylan Nelson (Piedmont); 2. David Peters Logue (Orange); 3. Dakota Roberts (Western Harnett); 4. Hunter Smith (Creekview); 5. Joseph Stephenson (Britt); 6. Dalton Hill (New Bern).
Place matches—1st, Nelson pin 5:07 over Peters Logue; 3rd, Roberts 6-2 dec. over Smith; 5th, Stephenson 10-4 dec. over Hill.
170—1. Marcell Burns (Laney); 2. Hunter Udall (Creekview); 3. Andrew Brotherton (Bandys); 4. Josh Sawyer (Durham School of the Arts); 5. Demion Tanquay-Penn (West Carteret); 6. Levi Reid (South View).
Place matches—1st, Burns 8-6 dec. over Udall; 3rd, Brotherton (Bandys) pin 2:53 over Sawyer; 5th, Tanquay-Penn pin 1:14 over Reid.
182—1. Chip Ness (Buford); 2. Andrew Colborn (Croatan); 3. Tyrece Jones (Jordan); 4. Malik McDonald (South View); 5. Dontrez Patterson (Mooresville); 6. Joseph Sorrentino (Creekview).
Place matches—1st, Ness pin 0:52 over Colborn; 3rd, Jones 4-1 dec. over McDonald; 5th, Patterson 3-1 dec. over Sorrentino.
195—1. Parker VonEgidy (Piedmont); 2. Kyle Colborn (Croatan); 3. Anthony Christopher (Bandys); 4. Saetyre McDowell (Britt); 5. Ian Callahan (Green Hope); 6. Dima Aguero (Buford).
Place matches—1st, VonEgidy 7-2 dec. over Colborn; 3rd, Christopher 7-2 dec. over McDowell; 5th, Callahan pin 4:05 over Aguero.
220—1. Zac Whisnant (Bandys); 2. Troy Cain (South View); 3. Evan Patrick (Olympic); 4. Justin Williams (Bunn); 5. Taylor Nester (Alleghany); 6. Kris Rookard (Piedmont).
Place matches—1st, Whisnant 6-5 dec. over Cain; 3rd, Patrick 2-1 dec. over Williams; 5th, Nester pin 2:19 over Rookard.
285—1. Chaas Delgado (Trinity); 2. Danny Edwards (Parkwood); 3. Bryan Bryant (Britt); 4. Robert Dinkins (Olympic); 5. Arthur Colson (Chapel Hill); 6. Johnathan Rigsby (Croatan).
Place matches—1st, Delgado 4-1 dec. over Danny Edwards; 3rd, Bryant pin 5:28 over Dinkins; 5th, Colson pin 2:22 over Rigsby.