Carrboro, NCSSM, Research Triangle among cross country favorites

Oct. 29, 2013 @ 08:30 PM

Carrboro, N.C. Science & Math and Research Triangle High School are among the favorites to take home state cross country championships in their classifications Saturday at the Ivey M. Redmon Sports Complex in Kernersville.

The complex was previously known as Beeson Park.

N.C. Science & Math and Research Triangle won 2-A and 1-A boys’ Mideast Regional titles over the weekend and Carrboro, the four-time reigning girls’ 2-A champion, won the 2-A girls’ Mideast Regionals.

Other area programs that finished in the top four of their regionals to earn berths in the state finals in Kernersville Saturday are Jordan and East Chapel Hill (4-A boys), Cedar Ridge and Chapel Hill (3-A boys), Chapel Hill and Northwood (3-A girls), Carrboro and Durham School of the Arts (2-A boys), DSA and NCSSM (2-A girls), and Voyager Academy (1-A boys) and Woods Charter (1-A girls).

Leading the way for the NCSSM boys are top five regional finishers Nicholas Walker (champion), No. 2 Josh Rees-Jones, No. 4 Chatham Ellwanger and No. 5 Mitch Rees-Jones.

NCSSM is competing at the 2-A level for the first time since being reclassified from 1-A in the spring.

The Carrboro girls were just as dominant in their regional, also taking four of the top five slots including champion Maysa Araba, No. 2 Helen Morken, No 4 Amanda Hickey and No. 5 Natalie Richardson,

Top runners from across the state qualified from regional competition last week to the state finals in each classification. The eight cross-country championships include one in each of the NCHSAA’s four classifications for men and women.

Saturday’s first race will be the 3-A boys at 10 a.m., followed by the 1-A boys, 3-A girls and 1-A girls at thirty-minute intervals. After a break, the program will gear back up at 3 p.m. with the 4-A boys, followed by 2-A boys, 4-A girls and 2-A girls starting at thirty-minute intervals, the last race to start at 4:30.

In 3-A classification, Cardinal Gibbons has won the last two boys’ state titles after breaking a two-year hold on the state crown by Chapel Hill, while Gibbons has won the last three 3-A girls’ championships.

Cedar Ridge could pose a serious threat to Gibbons’ boys’ dominance, having lost just 54-55 to the Crusaders in the regional, with Jared Buddington finishing second overall.

Carrboro has won the last four 2-A girls’ championships, led by since-graduated Grace Morken the last three years.

The NCSSM boys face a stiff challenge in toppling two-time reigning champion North Lincoln, while Research Triangle will have to get past reigning 1-A boys’ champion Bishop McGuinness of Kernersville, among others.



Area Team and Individual Qualifiers*

* Top 4 regional team finishers, top 5 individuals excluding members of qualifying teams, qualify for finals.

4-A Midwest Region Qualifiers

Boys’ teams — 3. Jordan 123, 4. East Chapel Hill 127.

Qualifying team members/regional finishes — Jordan, 4. Daniel Beamer, 13. Nikolaus Kreiling, 22. Matthew Blivin, 43. Quinton Meyer, 45. Romel Garcia, 47. Greyson Meyer, 78. Mitchell Slentz. East Chapel Hill, 2. Ryan Brady, 23. Ethan Ready, 24. Connor McDonald, 30. James Gildard, 52. Matt Ruston, 55. Tucker Owens, 69. Brandon Chan

Boys’ individual qualifiers — 9. Colton Lawson (Northern).


Girls’ teams — None.

Girls’ individual qualifiers — 9. Clare McNamara (East Chapel Hill).


3-A Mideast Region Qualifying Results

Boys’ teams — 2. Cedar Ridge 55, 3. Chapel Hill 63.

Qualifying team members/regional finishes — Cedar Ridge, 2. Jared Buddington, 7. Noah Hanley, 8. Patrick Fallon, 17. Colin Bunner, 21. Nathaniel Merrill, 29, Nathaniel Bunner, 30. Jackson Carver. Chapel Hill, 3. Collin Vilen, 9. Peter Williams, 12. Drew Roeber, 19. Jeffrey Williams, 20. Jonathan Timothy, 22. Max Blackburn, 38. Hank Bolon.


Girls’ teams —2. Chapel Hill 62, 4. Northwood 161.

Qualifying team members/regional finishes — Chapel Hill, 8. Marija Crook, 9. Anna Passannante, 14. Regan Roeber, 15. Julia Perkins, 16. Elise Matera, 22. Shannon Mumper, 23. Rosie Kerwin. Northwood, 10. Erin Nelson, 28. Tessa Sheets 28, 35. Elizabeth Saksa, 42. Sarah Salzman, 46. Ariel Glosson, 53. Brooks Holt, 54. Hannah Gail Shepard.

Girls’ individual qualifiers — 17. Adalyn Fleming (Orange).


2-A Mideast Regional Qualifying Results

Boys’ teams — 1. N.C. School of Science & Mathematics 22, 2. Carrboro 50, 3. Durham School of the Arts 58.

Qualifying team members/regional finishes — N.C. Science & Math, 1. Nicholas Walker, 2. Josh Rees-Jones, 4. Chatham Ellwanger, 5. Mitch Rees-Jones, 11, Duncan Lemay, 15. Steven Tulevech, 16. Sydney Lisanza. Carrboro, 3. Tomiwa Olufolabi, 6. James Jushchuk, 13. Khalid Williams, 14. Enrique Guerra, 17. Avery Marsh, 18. Sam Hedges, 19. Nathan Andress. Durham School of the Arts, 7. Nikola Silva, 8. Hunter Scaggs, 9. Christopher Diaz, 12. Thomas Little, 27. Jalen Drayton, 28, Austin Balen, 29, Joey Kreiling


Girls’ teams — 1. Carrboro 19, 2. Durham School of the Arts 55, 3. N.C. School of Science & Mathematics 67.

Qualifying team members/regional finishes — Carrboro, 1. Maysa Araba, 2. Helen Morken, 4. Amanda Hickey, 5. Natalie Richardson, 9. Amelia Covington, 11, Claire Scanga, 13, Kara Stonecypher. Durham School of the Arts, 3. Hana Ratcliffe, 8. Destiny Stevons, 14. Genevieve Rella, 18. Grace Rogers, 21. Mia Kaplan, 26. Rivka Grossinger, 30. Maya Sugg.

N.C. Science & Math, 10. Ngo Kim, 15. Alexis Knox, 16. Riley Reid, 17. Emily Lambeth, 19. Madden Brewster, 24. Laura Goodman.


1-A Mideast Regional Qualifying Results

Boys’ teams — 1. Research Triangle 34, 2. Voyager Academy 48.

Qualifying team members/regional finishes — Research Triangle, 2. Daniel Madison, 5. Michal Swepson, 9. Eric Young, 10. Jack Puryear, 11. Brendan Kane, 64. Grayson Hassell, 72. Spencer Jones. Voyager Academy, 3. Patrick Lester, 4. Lawton Kariher, 16. Zach Perry, 17. Luke Bennett, 20. Josh Glazer, 31. Gary Ford. 32. Alfredo Ellzey.

Boys’ individual qualifiers — 12. Aaron Frisbie (Roxboro Community School).


Girls’ teams — 3. Woods Charter 117.

Qualifying team members/regional finishes — Woods Charter, 3. Jade Ogilvie, 25. Theresa Farrel, 30. Francis Mattison, 32. Jess Canton, 41. Claire Day, 44. Rachel Deininger, 70. Julie Wattterson.

Girls’ individual qualifiers — 6. Murphy Credle (Kestrel Heights), 8. Lani Fogleson (Voyager Academy).