PAC-6 4-A announces spring sports all-conference teams

May. 22, 2014 @ 07:48 PM

The PAC-6 4-A announced its spring sports all-conference teams Thursday and, not surprisingly, PAC-6 champions dominated the coach of the year and player of the year honors.

In baseball, Doug Simmons coached the Pirates to an undefeated regular-season conference title and won coach of the year honors. His star pitcher, Kory Behenna, was named co-player of the year along with Jordan’s Steven Oakley.

In boys’ tennis, NCHSAA Hall of Fame coach Lindsey Linker was named coach of the year after taking East to an undefeated PAC-6 regular seasion and star Max Smith shared player of the year honors with Northern’s David Senerchia.

Bobby Neville and East Chapel Hill yet again took care of PAC-6 golf, but Neville had to do it without the services of two-time state 4-A individual champion Ben Griffin, who missed several matches to play in regional and national amateur events as he prepared for his collegiate future at the University of North Carolina. Michael Wicker of Northern was named player of the year.

Griffin wasn’t eligible for all-conference honors because he missed too many events.

Girls’ soccer was a slightly different story as Nicole Crutchfield — a North Carolina soccer signee from third-place Northern — took player of the year honors. But Sarah Kaneko, who led Jordan to its first conference title over perennial champ East Chapel Hill, was named coach of the year.

In softball, Roxboro Person’s Doug Robertson parlayed a conference title into coach of the year honors. Northern finished a game back of Person in second place and produced player of the year Kirsten Ellis.

In girls’ track and field, Northern’s Koffia Lipscomb was named conference MVP for field events and Riverside’s Atlanta Woodall for running events.

In boys’ track and field, Hillside swept both MVP awards behind Marcus Krah (field) and McKinley Brown (running).

The PAC-6 does not contest girls’ or boys’ lacrosse, but several area teams — including some PAC-6 teams — participate in boys’ lacrosse in all-classifications Conference Five.

Conference Five boys’ lacrosse programs include Riverside, Jordan, Northern, East Chapel Hill, Carrboro (2-A) and Roxboro Community School (1-A). Ian Levin of regular-season Conference Five champion East Chapel Hill — which was undefeated in league play — is the conference player of the year.

A league high six Cardinal Gibbons players were picked for the Conference Four girls' all-conference team. Gibbons won the regular-season title and is playing in the state semifinals. The league did not announce player or coach of the year picks.



The Tyreic E. Hemphill Memorial Scholarship Fund has named three Durham Public Schools seniors its first award recipients.

Daria Selezneva (Riverside), Millicent Blivin (Jordan) and Jermani Elise (Clement Early College) will each receive $2,000 toward their college educations. The fund cited their excellence in academics, leadership, commitment to others and community service.

A September automobile accident cut short the life of Tyreic Hemphill, a Jordan High School student in the top 10 percent of his class who planned to study engineering and business at Howard University. Hemphill’s family chose to carry on his love of education by establishing the Tyreic E. Hemphill Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“Tyreic Hemphill was an exceptional student and leader at Jordan,” said Jim Key, DPS area superintendent for high schools. “He would have graduated next month. We are grateful that his family has chosen to memorialize him by helping other high-achieving students achieve his dream.”

Applicants were either current Jordan High School seniors or participated in one of two organizations with which Hemphill was involved: Movement of Youth, which connects mentors from Triangle universities with more than 200 students, and the Emily K Center, which serves academically-focused, low-income students in out-of-school programming designed to help them achieve in school, gain entry to college and break the cycle of poverty in their families.



Co-Players of the Year — Steven Oakley (Jordan) and Kory Behenna (Riverside)

Coach of the Year — Doug Simmons (Riverside)


PITCHERS — 1. John Blue (East Chapel Hill); 2. Kory Behenna (Riverside); 3. Adam Riddle (Northern); 4. Daquan Allen (Hillside); Honorable mention — Will Hibbard (Riverside) and Blake Morgan (Riverside).

CATCHERS — 1. Josh Baldwin (ECHHS); 2. Micah Goodwin (Riverside); Honorable mention — Spencer Smith (Northern).

 INFIELDERS — 1. Sean Moore (East Chapel Hill); 2. Jonathan Rhew (Riverside); 3. Cory Crabtree (Riverside); 4. Joe Woods (Riverside); 5. Steven Oakley (Jordan); 6. Tyreek Frye (Jordan); 7. Rahim Winston (Jordan); 8. Daniel Huff (Person); Honorable mention — Bennett Byerley (East Chapel Hill), Justin Ferrell (Person), Maurice Little (Person) and Ken Powell (Hillside).

OUTFIELDERS — 1. AJ Bumpass (Northern); 2. Pete Vurnakes (Northern); 3. Ben Huffman (Riverside); 4. Kory Behenna (Riverside); 5. David Soloman (Person); 6. DJ Recny (East Chapel Hill); Honorable mention — Dalton Bass (Riverside), Omar Rouse (Hillside) and Daquon Bass (Hillside)

 UTILITY PLAYERS — 1. Ty Clayton (Person); 2. Blake Morgan (Riverside); HM — Spencer Smith (Northern) and John Page (East Chapel Hill).



Co-Players of the Year — Max Smith (East Chapel Hill) and David Senerchia (Northern)

Coach of the Year — Lindsey Linker (East Chapel Hill)


SINGLES — Max Smith (East Chapel Hill); Jack Devonport (East Chapel Hill); Kevin Huang (East Chapel Hill); Priyan DeSilva (East Chapel Hill); Nicholas Rennie (East Chapel Hill); Connor Lutz (East Chapel Hill); Robert Bond (East Chapel Hill); Charles Herst (Jordan); Patrick Taylor (Jordan); Colin Eimers (Jordan); Cameron Pyle (Jordan); Josh Evans (Riverside); David Senerchia (Northern); Dillon Leovic (Northern); Chris Givens (Northern); Jacob Oakley (Person).

Honorable mention: Bryan Hager (Hillside); Nick Grande (Jordan); Elliott Boyd (Jordan); Jalen Carver (Person); George Cooke (Riverside).

DOUBLES — Max Smith & Jack Devonport (East Chapel Hill); Kevin Huang & Priyan DeSilva (East Chapel Hill); Charles Herst & Patrick Taylor (Jordan); David Senerchia & Dillon Leovic (Northern); Rob Sears & George Cooke (Riverside); Jonathan Carver & Matthew Mayer (Person).

Honorable mention: Alex Lee & Gage Cadawas (Jordan); Colin Eimers & Cameron Pyle (Jordan).


Player of Year — Michael Wicker (Northern)

Coach of Year — Bobby Neville (East Chapel Hill)


1. Michael Wicker (Northern); 2. Harry (Junior) Schrickx (Riverside); 3. Nate Pritchard (East Chapel Hill); 4. Nathan Parry (East Chapel Hill); 5. Campbell Rand (Riverside); 6. Jacob Johnson (Northern); 7. Tyler Rizzieri (East Chapel Hill); 8. Jeffery Kafer (Person); 9. Jared Overstreet (Riverside); 10. Evan Womble (Northern).



Player of the Year — Nicole Crutchfield (Northern)

Coach of the Year — Sarah Kaneko (Jordan)


GOALKEEPERS — Kristen Smith (Hillside) and Gen Whitcomb (Jordan).


(By school)

JORDAN — Callie Scher, Millicent Blivin, Rachel Hill, Anna Dekle, Abigail Masten, Julie Perkins, Stephanie Quintanilla. Honorable mention: Amy Hicks, Alyssa Whicker, Emma Postel.

EAST CHAPEL HILL — Neely Holroyd, Claudia Sollee, Dylan Bedell, Jordan Donnelly, Eva Killenberg. Honorable mention: Callie Williams, Riley Foster, Lauren Douglass, Emma Daum, Mia Colloredo.

NORTHERN — Nicole Crutchfield, Alex Hammond, Caroline Odgaard. Honorable mention: Ayla Griffin, April Lopez, Susal Balladares, Alyzia McAlmon, Jennifer Palomo, Sarah McAdon.

RIVERSIDE — Eliza Butts, Kathryn Thacker, Ellen McAdams. Honorable mention: Marie Muir, Lexi Newman, Carly Davis, Alexa Dellinger, Scotsia Daniels (City of Medicine Academy).

HILLSIDE — Deja Umstead. Honorable mention: Brianna Head, Jareea Bullock.

ROXBORO PERSON — Courtney Johnson. Honorable mention: Danielle Russell, Kelsey Dawkins, Megan Wehrenberg.


Player of the Year — Kirsten Ellis (Northern)

Coach of the Year: Doug Roberson, Person


ROXBORO PERSON — Miranda Davis, Jasmine McCain, Janelle Sanford, Hannah Blaylock, Alyssa Horton, Haley Blaisure.

JORDAN — Hannah Factor, Hannah Hayes, Loren Bullock. Honorable mention: Alexis Crews, Laura Owen.

NORTHERN — Kirsten Ellis, Callie Horn, Libby Cheek, Callie Maunder, Kacie Dameron.

RIVERSIDE — Mackensie Green, Jarilyn Johnson.

EAST CHAPEL HILL — Mykaela Watt, Addison Agatucci, Emily Kupec, Sydney Levine, Sarah Towne, Elizabeth Kupec.

HILLSIDE — Jasmine Hunter, Sierra Gibbs. Honorable mention: Aryenna Easterling.



Field events MVP — Koffia Lipscomb (Northern)

Track events MVP — Atlanta Woodall (Riverside)


(By event)

Shot put — Mookie Chavis (Northern); Taylor Blake (Jordan); Brenna Brown (Riverside). Discus — Koffia Lipscomb (Northern); Kylie Evans (Person). Long jump — Imari McLean (Hillside); Jordan Brown (Jordan); Fahsyrah Knight (Hillside). Triple jump — Vanessa Bright(Hillside); Risper Ochieng (Jordan). High jump — Jordyn Brown (Jordan); Aquira McIntyre (Northern). Pole vault — Allison Hoerler (East Chapel Hill); Dinah Garcia (Northern); Erin Summer (East Chapel Hill). 4x800 relay — East Chapel Hill; Hillside; Jordan. 100-meter hurdles — Taleya Harris (Hillside); Kamay Cummings (Riverside); Isis Lipscomb (Jordan); Christie Webb (Hillside). 100 meters — Atlanta Woodall (Riverside); Jordan Brown (Jordan). 4x200 — Hillside; Riverside. 1600 meters — Lilly Price (East Chapel Hill); Erwn Clark (Jordan); Leland McDonald (Riverside). 4x100 — Hillside; Riverside. 400 meters — Atlanta Woodall (Riverside); Bryana Saunders (Jordan); Ellie Kincaid (East Chapel Hill). 300-meter hurdles    Taleya Harris (Hillside); Christie Webb (Hillside); Ericka Vickers (East Chapel Hill). 800 meters — Claire McMamara (East Chapel Hill); Victoria Powell (Hillside); Eryn Clark (Jordan). 200 meters — Atlanta Woodall (Riverside); Jamila McKoy (Hillside); Jordan Brown (Jordan). 3200 meters — Eliza Erwin (East Chapel Hill); Leland McDonald (Riverside); Rachel Geoffrion (Jordan). 4x400 — East Chapel Hill; Hillside.    



Field events MVP — Marcus Krah (Hillside)

Track events MVP — McKinley Brown (Hillside)

Shot put — Iyin Battle (East Chapel Hill); Julian Humes (Jordan); Shane Jones (East Chapel Hill. Discus — Iyin Battle (East Chapel Hill); Bruce Black (Jordan); Shane Jones (East Chapel Hill. Long jump — Tim Mangum(Hillside); Marcus Krah (Hillside); Dontavian Smith (Person. Triple jump — Marcus Krah (Hillside); Jonathon Davenport (Riverside); Bruce Black (Jordan. High jump — Rickey Council (Northern); Arthur Reese (Jordan); Trevion Thompson (Hillside. Pole vault — Soren Stanback (East Chapel Hill); Caleb Wright (Jordan). 4x800 — Jordan; Hillside. 110-meter hurdles — Marcus Krah (Hillside); McKinly Brown (Hillside); Deshon Holmes (Northern. 100 meters — Isiah Sutherland (Jordan); Dontavian Smith (Person); Marquee Burton (Riverside. 4x200 — Hillside; Person. 1600 meters — Daniel Beamer (Jordan); Jack McAdams (Riverside); Colton Lawson (Northern. 4x100 — Hillside; Person; Jordan. 400 meters — Noah Drew (Jordan); Jahmon Allen (Riverside). 300-meter hurdles — McKinley Brown (Hillside); Malik Street (Person); Alex Ho (East Chapel Hill. 800 meters — Matthew Blivin (Jordan); Colton Lawson (Northern). 200 meters — Isiah Sutherland (Jordan); Marquee Burton (Riverside); Najee Reams (Hillside. 3200 meters — Ryan Brady (East Chapel Hill); Colton Lawson (Northern); Jack McAdams (Riverside. 4x400 — Hillside; Jordan; East Chapel Hill.



Player of the Year — Ian Levin (East Chapel Hill)

Goalkeepers — Keegan Barnes (Jordan). Honorable mention: Vance Perkins (East Chapel Hill); Justin Tedder (Riverside).

Long Stick Midfielder — Ellis Llewelyn (East Chapel Hill); Callum Cordell (Carrboro). Honorable mention: Weston Womack (Roxboro Community); Danny Brossart (Riverside).

Attackmen — Ian Levin (East Chapel Hill); Owen Perrien (Jordan); CJ Carpenter (Riverside); Henry Rosemond (Northern). Honorable mention: Will Cordes (Carrboro); Drew Monroe (East Chapel Hill); Nick Allen (Roxboro Community).

Defenders — Sam Helwig (Jordan); Daniel Wittekind (East Chapel Hill); Chris Joseph (Carrboro); Phillip Jones (Riverside); David Oakley (Roxboro Community). Honorable mention: Aidan Marron (Jordan); Billy Morgenlander (Jordan); Jordan Steinberg (East Chapel Hill).

Midfielders — Jesse Melton (Jordan); Chris Cox (East Chapel Hill); Jack Newall (Carrboro); Joseph O’Keeffe (Riverside); Robert Barron (Northern); Dustin Taylor (Roxboro Community School); Christian Aguilera (Jordan). Honorable mention: Kurtis Anthony (Northern); Jackson Overbeck (Carrboro); Steele Lloyd (East Chapel Hill); Alan Liu (East Chapel Hill); Collin MacClennan (East Chapel Hill).



All-Conference Four

CARRBORO — Kyra Kocis; Briana Merrigan; Lyn Nelson; Tanner Watson.

CARDINAL GIBBONS — Sydney Anderson; Sarah Comstock; Jordan Lappin; Shelby Scanlin; Erica Skowron; Rebecca Wiley.

CHAPEL HILL — Paige Childers; Paige Haskins; Rebecca Heine; Susana Russell.

EAST CHAPEL HILL — Marissa Creatore; Maddie Futch; Elizabeth Jensen; Lena Johnson.

JORDAN — Hope Allen; Elle Gilbert; Margaret Gunn.