Arresting performance by Berry locks up No. 1 H-S Classic seed

Jun. 18, 2014 @ 03:31 PM

The all-points bulletin Durham police officer Darrell Brown had on the little, white ball he was trying to apprehend Tuesday at Hillandale Golf Course got him an 84 during Day 2 of The Herald-Sun Golf Classic.

Brown is a detective in the Durham Police Department’s homicide unit. That was fitting. He was sharing the greens with a golf-ball killer in Cary’s Ashley Berry, who outdid the 68 he shot Monday with a 67 on the final day to determine pairings for match play that begins Thursday.

Berry’s low scores earned him the top seed in the Championship Flight. That’s the group from which the king of the classic will emerge.

“Berry’s got to be one of the best golfers out here,” Brown said. “I probably was holding his game down instead of picking it up. Usually, I give him a little pressure, but, the last couple of days, I haven’t really hit the ball that well.

“He’s got his A game on.”

Retired Durham police officer Clark Green (90-85 — 175) was partnered with Brown (91-84 — 175) and Berry (135), who looked awfully secure out there. It’s like Berry had a police escort with Brown and Green rolling with him down the fairways.

“They’re good guys. They take care of me,” said Berry, who works in research and development at Durham-based Cree.

East Carolina golfer Stephen Lavenets of Durham and Creedmoor’s Ronnie Williams Jr. were right there with Berry at 67. Durham’s Junior Schrickx and Hillsborough’s Melvin Barnes both came in at 68.

Berry’s two-day total made him the man to beat. Lavenets (137), Williams (138), Schrickx (139), Barnes (142) and Durham’s Connor Moore (142) were chasing him hard.

Green said he needed to have played out of his mind for a shot at bursting Berry.

“I knew coming in (Tuesday) that if I threw about a 52 or 53, I could get him, but it just wasn’t in the works,” Green said.

Berry said all he’s doing is playing basic golf.

“My main thing is just to birdie the par 5s,” Berry said. “If you can come out here and not make (any) bogeys, you can play a good round of golf.”

It’s all in the mind, Lavenets said.

“College coaches, they just drill the mental aspect of the game, and that gets your golf swing better and your golf game better in the process,” Lavenets said. “Now when I have a good round going, I can finish it off.”

Lavenets said that in the past when he was, say, 4-under the way he was heading down the homestretch on Day 2, he might have gotten conservative and played not to lose, but now he’s learning to play free in those situations.

Part of Lavenets’ newfound freedom has to do with surgery that shaved a bone growth on one of his hips. That thing was messing with his game.

“I could not turn my hip, but now I can,” Lavenets said.

Lavenets played basketball for Coach Ronnie Russell at Northern High School, in addition to playing golf for Coach Kevin Wicker. The rising ECU junior from Rougemont said his mid-range game in hoops actually is better than what it is on the links.

“My short game ain’t too hot,” Lavenets said. “It’s getting there.”

Lavenets on Day 2 was a few strokes better than he was on Day 1.

“I was just talking to Ashley Berry,” Lavenets said. “We were joking around. He had two holes left, and I was like, ‘Are we having a good battle?’ And he was like, ‘We probably are.’ And (then) I saw him birdie 17.”

NOTES — Historically in match play at The Herald-Sun Golf Classic, there have been 32 players each in the Championship and Presidents flights, which would have required matches today to narrow the field to 16 players in each flight. This year, the starting point for those flights is 16 players in order to make the matches more competitive, as well as give players opportunities to rest, take care of job commitments, etc., according to Joe May, Hillandale’s head golf professional. ... Official match play pairings and tee times for Thursday’s round will be announced Wednesday, June 18.



at Hillandale Golf Course, 6,339 yards, par 71

(Match play begins Thursday)

Name     Hometown     1st Rd-2nd Rd—Total

Ashley Berry     Cary     68-67     135

Stephen Lavenets     Rougemont     70-67—137

Ronnie Williams Jr.     Creedmoor     71-67—138

Junior Schrickx     Durham     71-68—139

Melvin Barnes     Hillsborough     74-68—142

Connor Moore     Durham     71-71—142

Tim Garrett     Durham     74-70—144

Matt Roberts     Hillsborough     71-73—144

Jack Garrett     Durham     75-70—145

Stephen Kovacs     Durham     72-73—145

Britt Mitchell     Creedmoor     71-74—145

Jay Robinson     Raleigh     69-76—145

Stephen Abrams     Wilson     70-76—146

Alex Brese     Durham     72-75—147

Jeff Robinson     Jacksonville, Fla.     72-75—147

David Synan     Laurinburg     74-73—147

Shane Hamlett          Hillsborough     74-74—148

Stacey Anfindsen          Apex     74-75—149

Ben Fuller     Creedmoor     72-77—149

Tad Galloway     Cary     78-72—150

Adam Hamlett     Hillsborough     75-75—150

Kevin Cheek     Durham     78-73—151

Gerrett Hutson     Durham     73-78—151

Jerry Robinson Sr.     Raleigh     74-77—151

Ryan Thompson     Rougemont     78-73—151

Travis Byrd     Hillsborough     73-79—152

Jonas Larsen     Durham     73-79—152

Eric Ardery     Durham     76-78—154

Andrew Hanna     Durham     79-75—154

Blake McSherry     Semora     80-74—154

David Outland     Creedmoor     75-79—154

Joe Weinberger     Roxboro     75-79—154

Micah Alexander     Durham     81-74—155

Wayne Bridges     Apex     79-76—155

Nils Norgaard     Creedmoor     81-75—156

Robert Semler     Raleigh     74-83—157

Mike Hall     Durham     82-77—159

Eddie Ball     Durham     82-78—160

Robert Johnson     St. Cloud, Fla.     76-84—160

Darryl Naillon     Durham     79-81—160

Brad Pittman     Durham     78-82—160

Doug Baker     Hillsborough     78-83—161

Matt Ross     Durham     83-78—161

Richard Wagner     Morrisville     81-80—161

Greg Byrd     Rougemont     79-83—162

Bill Hunt     Henderson     81-81—162

Mark Pennington     Creedmoor     78-84—162

Chad Bryant     Durham     89-74—163

Michael Burton     Durham     75-88—163

Jimmy King     Wake Forest     79-84—163

B.J. Nowak     Rolesville     85-78—163

Tom Swain     Durham     85-78—163

Radzi Bvumbe     Durham     81-83—164

Chris Outland     Creedmoor     84-81—165

Matt Phillips     Durham     81-84—165

Brad Young     Hurdle Mills     82-83—165

Lucas Starrett     Cary     79-87—166

Stephen Grosman     Durham     82-85—167

Greg Lassiter     Durham     85-82—167

Kyle Garrett     Creedmoor     83-85—168

Fritz Hine     Durham     81-87—168

Mick Parker     Creedmoor     84-84—168

Samuel Paynter     Hillsborough     82-86—168

Destin Barnes     Hillsborough     85-84—169

Wade Hamlett     Hillsborough     86-83—169

Cliff Cox Jr.     Bahama     89-81—170

Keith Johnson     Durham     82-88—170

Tim King     N. Myrtle Beach, SC     82-88—170

John Pittman     Durham     87-84—171

Oren Stuchiner     Durham     90-81—171

Cedell Alexander     Durham     87-85—172

Jake Jackson     Rougemont     86-86—172

Ben Thomas     Durham     84-88—172

Jacob Johnson     Rougemont     82-91—173

Nathan Freeman     Franklinton     84-90—174

Jeff Johnson     N/A     92-82—174

Nick Locantore     Durham     88-86—174

David Perry     Charlotte     84-90—174

Phillip Ray     Durham     90-84—174

Darrell Brown     Durham     91-84—175

Jason Chambers     Bahama     87-88—175

Brandon Farlow     Bahama     91-84—175

Clark Green     Durham     90-85—175

Doug Miller     Durham     88-88—176

Bryan Atkins     Durham     89-89—178

Gary Chambers     Hillsborough     93-85—178

Jimmy Davis     Bahama     90-88—178

Royall Williams     Timberlake     93-85—178

Robert Hockman     Durham     90-89—179

Richard Penny     Bahama     86-93—179

David Rovetto     Chapel Hill     92-87—179

Charles Salmon     Clayton     91-88—179

Jas de Oliveira     Durham     89-91—180

Doug Best Jr.     Durham     89-92—181

Lonnie Browning     Hillsborough     94-87—181

Jackson McClintock     Durham     90-91—181

Tim Simpson     Durham     93-88—181

Jeff Abbott     Durham     89-93—182

Gary Wheeley     Mebane     91-92—183

Derrick Sims     Timberlake     93-91—184

Johnny Taylor     Durham     94-90—184

Scott Penny     Bahama     95-94—189

Sam Farlow     Bahama     93-98—191

Dennis Perry     Durham     96-95—191

Johnnie Bryant     Durham     97-98—195

Bill Birken     Chapel Hill     99-100—199


Kendell White     High Point     86-WD—N/A


Jim Pearce     Creedmoor     67-72—139

Lea Couch     Bahama     76-68—144

Fleming Lyon     Durham     73-73—146

Johnny Adams     Cary     76-71—147

Dink Andrews     Durham     75-74—149

Ronnie Powell     Durham     78-75—153

Louis Herndon     Graham     79-75—154

Dante Berini     Durham     79-76—155

Abe Lewis     Durham     79-78—157

Cecil Lockley     Creedmoor     81-76—157

John Synan     Durham     79-78—157

Danny Bailey     Durham     80-79—159

Ted Maynor     Durham     80-80—160

Jerry Warren     Durham     77-83—160

Bruce Eckard     Durham     83-78—161

Jack Tomkovick     Chapel Hill     82-79—161

Chris Filiaci     Hillsborough     82-80—162

Bill Martinson     Chapel Hill     80-82—162

Fred Avila     Durham     78-85—163

Andy Garner     Durham     82-81—163

Edward Musselman     Pittsboro     81-84—165

Jerry Tucker     Henderson     80-85—165

Peter Fox     Chapel Hill     87-79—166

John Ivey     Durham     81-85—166

Hershal Stephenson     Rougemont     80-87—167

Doug Hall     Bahama     82-87—169

Phil McCarson     Durham     85-86—171

Billy Abrams     Durham     85-87—172

Max Smith     Pittsboro     88-84—172

Kent Farrell     Hillsborough     83-90—173

Jerry Dernar     Mebane     93-95—188

Robert Johnson     Durham     99-93—192