Durham Am leaderboard crowded at top

May. 18, 2013 @ 07:35 PM

While rain is usually known for ruining a golfer’s day, Saturday’s afternoon downpour helped Jason Garrett at Hillandale Golf Course.

After the Durham Amateur Tournament’s first round experienced a one hour and nine minute delay, play resumed on a damp course.

The water softened the greens, which Garrett said helped him card birdies on two of his final four holes to shoot a 71 which ties him for the tournament lead.

Garrett’s birdies were part of the 33 he shot on the back nine. That rally, from the 38 he shot on the front nine, left him tied with Dalton Rich and Brandon Reece heading into today’s final round.

“The greens were decent after the rain delay,” Garrett said. “They were holding. This morning, when you hit a shot on the green, it would hit and bounce. These were just stopping. It makes you throw it at the flag more.”

After struggling to get on the greens in regulation over his first nine, Garrett heated up to finish his round strongly and carry momentum into today’s play.

Garrett won the Durham Amateur in 2011.

Rich and Reece finished most of their rounds prior to the rain, which halted play at 12:46 p.m. The golfers were back on the course by 1:55 p.m. They finished up the final holes a short time later.

Like Garrett, Rich also felt better about his second nine. He shot a 34 there after needing 37 strokes to finish his first nine.

“I missed a couple of birdie putts,” said Rich, who made four birdies in his round. “But I felt better than I did after the front nine.”

Reece, who shot 35 on the front and 36 on the back, took a simple approach to describing his round.

“I didn’t do anything stupid,” Reece said. “I just kept it in play.”

Six more golfers sit one shot back of the leaders. Steve Bigham, Jay Robinson, Stephen Lavenets, Kevin Cheek, Michael Smith and Billy Gilbert all fired rounds of 72.

Bradley Leeper and Matt Pettis are two shots off the lead at 73.

Last year’s Durham Amateur champion, John Gaddy, is four shots back at 75.

“My round was very Jekyll and Hyde,” said Gaddy, a physical education teacher at Hillsborough Central Elementary School. “It really was.”

This position is nothing new for Gaddy, who completed a furious rally to win last year’s tournament championship. His final-round 63 allowed him to vault past five golfers.

He’ll need similar heroics today.

“I don’t know if there’s 63 in the bag for tomorrow,” Gaddy said. “But I’m going to come out and have fun.”




Saturday 1st Round Scores

71—Dalton Rich (37-34)

71—Brandon Reece (35-36)

71—Jason Garrett (38-33)

72—Stephen Lavenets, Jr. (38-34)

72—Jay Robinson (35-37)

72—Steve Bigham (36-36)

72—Kevin Cheek (36-36)

72—Billy Gilbert (36-36)

72—Michael Smith (33-39)

73—Bradley Leeper (38-35)

73—Matt Pettis (35-38)

74—Tuck Burkinshaw (36-38)

74—Preston Edmondson (35-39)

74—Tim Garrett (38-36)

74—Wayne Moore (37-37)

75—McKenzie Barringer (37-38)

75—Travis Byrd (34-41)

75—John Gaddy (38-37)

75—David Weinberger (38-37)

76—Adam Klein (38-38)

76—Jack Garrett (41-35)

76—Stephen Kovacs (35-41)

76—Melvin Barnes (37-39)

77—Derrick Robinson (36-41)

77—Dylan Dawson (40-37)

78—Liban Newa (39-39)

79—Eric Ardery (39-40)

79—Garrett Hazen (40-39)

79—Chris Winters (40-39)

81—David LaBarre II (43-38)

82—Brian Rogers (42-40)

82—James Snipes (41-41)

83—Johnny Adams (39-44)

84—Sterling Bryant (42-42)

84—Michael Crane (43-41)

84—Ben Meyers (43-41)

85—Dallas Lee (41-44)

85—Harry Buzhardt, Jr. (44-41)

91—Chris Quinn (44-47)

92—Tom Swain (51-44)

92—Macon Tunstall (48-44)

WD—Newt Barringer



Hillandale Golf Course

Sunday Tee Times/Pairings

9 a.m.—Tom Swain, Macon Tunstall

9:08—Chris Quinn, Harry Buzhardt, Jr., Dallas Lee

9:16—Ben Meyers, Michael Crane, Sterling Bryant

9:24—Johnny Adams, James Snipes, Brian Rogers

9:32—David LaBarre II, Chris Winters, Garrett Hazen

9:40—Eric Ardery, Liban Newa, Dylan Dawson

9:48—Derrick Robinson, Melvin Barnes, Stephen Kovacs

9:56—Jack Garrett, Adam Klein, David Weinberger

10:04—John Gaddy, Travis Byrd, McKenzie Barringer

10:12—Wayne Moore, Tim Garrett, Preston Edmondson

10:20—Tuck Burkinshaw, Matt Pettis, Bradley Leeper

10:28—Michael Smith, Billy Gilbert, Kevin Cheek

10:36—Steve Bigham, Jay Robinson, Stephen Lavenets, Jr.,

10:44—Dalton Rich, Brandon Reece, Jason Garrett




(Monday-Tuesday at Croasdaile C.C.)

Monday Tee Times/Pairings

Hole No. 1 — Super Seniors

8 a.m.—Dink Andrews, Gerry Silva, Dante Berini.

8:09—Scott Edwards, Steve Barnett, Henry Essey.

8:18—Rick Lafata, Mo York, Gil Happel.

8:27—Deane Hundley, Wayne Denton, Steve A. Smith.

8:36—Bill Summerour, Robert Hubbard, Al Makila.

8:45—Bob Rudolph, Ron Russell, Gus Neville.

8:54—Randy Page, Bob McQueen, Skip Pape.

9:03—Marv Monfre, Abe Lewis, John Messner.

9:12—Jim Rohr, Ron Johnston, Terry Barker.

9:21—Rick Luzar, Charles Woody, Gary Pettit.

9:30—Dan Anderson, Barry DeLapp, Terry Rathman.

9:39—David LaBarre, Mike Hendley, Harry Buzhardt.

9:48—Lea Couch, Glenn Gulledge, Fleming Lyon.

12:30—Gus Andrews, Russ Priddy, Grey Medinger.

12:39—Herb Conway, Hal Dugenske, Mac McLendon.

12:48—Graham Campbell, Bob Norman, John Green.

12:57—George Leight, Larry Boswell, Jim Pridgen.

1:06—John DeLuise, Garry Strickfadden, Mike Sprouts.

1:15—Denny Adkins, Dave Robinson, Gene Grubb.

1:24—Jim Pearce, Randy Harris, Ray Gurtner.

1:33—John Orr, George Kennon, Mike Bernatovicz.

1:42—Bob Richardson, Charles E. Smith, Grady Strickland.

1:51—George Paris, Peter Fox, Stan Osteen.

2 p.m.—Bill Tate, Jack Jeffers, Paul Dean.

2:09—Rick Zwignagel, Ed Lothes, Doug Stephens.

2:18—Jerry Crabb, Linwood Wright, Ed Tiller.

Hole No. 10 — Seniors

8 a.m.—Dennis Toothman, Charles Gullatt, Charles Daley (SS).

8:09—Randy Barnett, Mike Sterner, Don Rutledge.

8:18—Blake McSherry, Jay Andorfer, Russell Harder.

8:27—Gordon Carver, Johnny Adams, Eric Ardery.

8:36—Andy Burnette, Jim Hunsuck, Johnny Moore.

8:45—Gary Roberson, Jim Guidici, Monore Cobey.

8:54—Lawrence Hicks, Bill Burling, John McCallie.

9:03—Don Slater, Bob Yow, Russ McLauchlan.

9:12—Tony Griffin, Gary Buck, Bill Dorsey (SS).

9:21—Clif Patterson, Joe Gucker, Blair Harrell.

9:30—Pat Lawrence, Wayne Bridges, James Graham.

9:39—Will Alston, Mark Pennington, Ron Krull.

9:48—Steve Moore, Fred Avila, Chris Filiaci.

12:30—Jerry Neal, Chris Mahon, Jay Gardner.

12:39—Matt Mullen, Kelly Ritter, Roger Taylor.

12:48—Pug Taylor, Lennie Younce, Eric Trott.

12:57—Bill Long, Jeff Heath, Steve Lambert.

1:06—Ken Eichele, Perry Balltzglier, Phillip Allen.

1:15—Mark Wagner, James Dill, Russ Perry.

1:24—Ernie Newton, Steve Sharpe, Mike Bivins.

1:33—Ron Carpenter, Ken Mansfield, Keith Waters.

1:42—Vance Wicker, Lee Morris, Bill Everett.

1:51—John Bunn, Garland Yates, Billie Biggs Jr.

2 p.m.—Johnny Cates, Steve Adams, Alvin Forte.

2:09—Buddy Brown, Randy Kenyon, Glen McClure.

2:18—Jack Simonds (SS), Bill Peace (SS), Jimmie Kerr (SS).

(SS)—Super Senior