Moton: Felton's a gentleman

Mar. 18, 2014 @ 09:49 PM

Among what Phil Jackson inherits in his new role with the New York Knicks is the situation with point guard Raymond Felton.

Jackson, who coached Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively, on Tuesday was announced as president of the Knicks.

Felton, who played for North Carolina, was arrested in February for unlawfully possessing a firearm. There has been chatter about Felton allegedly brandishing the weapon around his estranged wife.

N.C. Central coach LeVelle Moton knows Felton and said he did not want to comment on the facts the case but had no issue with speaking up for his friend.

“I love him, and I know him,” Moton said. “I know the exact situation, and the truth is coming out to light.

“This is the godfather of my children. God forbid if something happens to me, then he has to take care of my children. I’m a good judge of character when it comes to my children.

“I know thugs. I know plenty of them. I know someone who will raise a gun in your face. He’s not one of them. He’s a great boy from Latta, South Carolina, with deep Southern hospitality and love for his mother and his sisters. That’s who he is. He’s the perfect gentleman.

“Even though he may have issues with his marriage right now, that doesn’t make him a thug.”