Sports and selfies

Mar. 06, 2014 @ 01:12 PM

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — You know how LeBron James makes a mess before games with all of that powder?

And there are all of the other basketball players with their fancy handshakes and salutes and whatnot.

But some kids from West Brunswick High School in Shallotte, N.C., were absolutely vanilla when the names of their first five were called before the start of their playoff game Wednesday night against Hillsborough’s Orange High School.

There was no human tunnel of West Brunswick players when the Crown Coliseum announcer introduced the starters for the Trojans. Those guys already were huddled together on the court. When their names were called, they ran over and showed respect to Orange coach Greg Motley and returned to the huddle.

“When we step on the court, we step on the court as a team,” West Brunswick senior Tony Clarida said.

Every starter choreographing his own elaborate fist-bump routine can dilute team chemistry, Clarida suggested.

Now, West Brunswick lost the game.

Orange is still in it to win it. The Panthers, who don’t mind a little pregame showmanship, play Saturday for a shot to get a spot in the state-championship game.

Yet during a time when it has become normal for us to take cellphone pictures of ourselves, there’s something to be appreciated about how those West Brunswick guys went about their business.

I’ve also been noticing that some players on both the high school and college levels seem to be more willing to help opposing players from the ground, a throwback that goes beyond old-school uniforms.

During the West Brunswick-Orange game, a Panther offered some assistance to a fallen Trojan.

But the Trojan wanted no part of that show of sportsmanship.

So the return to civility in sports will take some time.

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