Heat's Wade continues to fade

Jun. 20, 2014 @ 04:43 PM

Professional athletes talk about respecting the game.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade could do that by taking less than the $20.2 million he's set to make next season to acknowledge that folks are beginning to mistake him for Father Time.

The dough Wade's due could get the Heat something like a Manu Ginobili, a Kawhi Leonard, a Danny Green and a Patty Mills, and there'd be change left. None of those guys entered the season as superstars but without question helped the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami heat in the NBA Finals.

Actually, the Spurs beat LeBron James, because Wade and those other guys didn't give him much help.

NBA general managers fretting free agency can learn a lot from the Spurs, who not only share the ball but, obviously, also share the money insofar as guys taking fewer dollars to get their hands on something not necessarily bought.

Think about something: It's understandable that schoolteachers would go from county to county pursuing classroom jobs that pay a little more.

And any reasonable person would understand the argument to be made about pro ball players leaving some money on the table so that the sort of schoolteachers who taught them can afford tickets to come see games featuring primed players sprinting up and down the floor, not some contest with greedy, stubborn guys hobbling around on the floor.

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