Summer has its own slang in the outdoors

Jun. 23, 2014 @ 09:50 PM

In the course of conversation, sometimes the sun and the water and the skyline contribute to vocabulary that is not always grammatically correct or sound.

While on the sun shamed boardwalk and near a salt laden drawl and in the places where bare feet walk in soft sand, you hear things and they cling tight.

“Just jogging off into the deep,” says the Captain.

 In theory, he holds the wheel and noses the bow to where the continental shelf falls off into the abyss of deep blue water. Yet, perhaps going to the deep is a place anglers seek when hook and bait sink and minds release in contemplation and content.

“Drop back and feed it,” screams the crew while the fish is prancing among trolled baits. In theory, bait is sent forth and a count commences and in theory the fish eats, hooks, and a catch becomes. As passion and pursuit and a need to triangulate priorities, dropping back to feed is necessary, if not required, to fish, live, love and wonder.

“Just dig your toes in and feel for something sharp,” says your friend.

In theory, with bare feet and a clamming rake, feel and touch, is the manner how clams are found. The sun is heavy and water is not. The sand is soft and the seaweed flosses the places of your toes where only seaweed should floss. Into the softness, you feel and search. From where you cannot see, you rely on touch.

Against bare feet and bare wonder, something scrapes against bare skin. From within the soft and dark and hidden places, a clam and a course, is found.

 “I’m going up to look around,” says the wary angler.

 In theory, this is where birds are noticed while they feed on bait and below the bait are small fish and bigger fish and in the bridge of a boat, searching is done.

Feet exposed. Eyes shielded. Hands open.

Out here, seems to swell forever. Out here, there is no wrong and no right. Out here there is wonder and wandering and birds and fish and silence.

There is retreat and replay and as the bow nudges forward from the deep, there is reward and sustenance, too.

 Summer slang is not necessarily reserved for summer. As such, finding purpose at sea, in the sand, and from the bridge, is without reservation.

Find your way, find your grammar and find your slang.

Enjoy your time outdoors.