BC coach: UNC run game is 'outstanding'

Oct. 24, 2013 @ 01:53 PM

It's my favorite part of the week, when the opposing coach talks up North Carolina like the Tar Heels are a powerhouse instead of a team with the worst record in the ACC.

BC's Steve Addazio plays this game particularly well. In fact, he called UNC's run game "outstanding."

This is the same run game that is ranked 114th in the FBS. The same one that has tried four different running backs in an attempt to get something going. The same one that caused UNC coach Larry Fedora to say Wednesday: "We haven’t run the ball very well at all this year. There’s not a game where we came out and said we ran the ball efficiently."

Here's the rest of what Addazio had to say about UNC, both at his weekly press conference and on the ACC teleconference.

UNC's defense:

"Carolina has a really good football team. They have a bunch of returning guys. Their inside guys [Kareem] Martin, [Travis] Hughes, and [Jeff] Schoettmer are big, strong physical guys.  Kareem Martin, the defensive end #95 has 42 tackles and Travis Hughes has 36 tackles so those linebackers and defensive end are pretty active guys.  Their bandits [Norkeithus] Otis and [Darius] Lipford, #23 and #8 both have three sacks.  Tre Boston the free safety, #10, I think is an outstanding player. He's got three interceptions and I think he's a pretty talented guy. Dominique Green strong safety has two interceptions and is also a very strong player.

UNC's offense:

They are averaging over 410 yards of offense per game. Bryn Renner, the senior quarterback, is 119-for-188 over 1,400 yards passing, eight touchdowns, and four interceptions.  Then of course you see Marquise Williams in the game, you saw him last week, they were rotating sequences.  He can run as well as throw. He's 28-for-43 for 390 [yards] - four touchdowns, three interceptions and 26 rushes for 95 yards, so he's a dual-threat guy and where they head with that I really don't know.  We have to prepare for two different styles of guys.  A.J. Blue, the running back #15, has 57 rushes for 224 and he is also a good receiver, 17 receptions for 131. Roman Morris, a sophomore 38 rushes for 171 yards and three touchdowns. Then everybody saw Eric Ebron, the tight end, 31 receptions, 532 yards and three touchdowns. He looks like an outstanding guy and a difference maker.

In general:

"So they have talent and playmakers on both sides of the ball.  This is a team that was picked early to have a really strong year and they have played well.  They played the No. 10 team in America, the Miami Hurricanes, and played them nose up.  They lost that game in the end but you can see the ability level of the Carolina football team.  So, we are playing a very fine opponent.  We are playing them on the road at their place and we will be in for a big-time game in a big-time environment.

The QB rotation:

Both of them can throw and run.  One has a little more emphasis on running, Marquise.  Bryn is obviously more throwing.  They're both very accomplished quarterbacks.  Very capable to lead their football teams. You've got to prepare for a dual threat kind of situation.  It just adds another component.

And the quote about the running game:

I think they're a real diverse offense that utilizes a lot of play‑makers, throwing the bubbles, handing the ball off, the drop‑back game.  They're spreading the field and making you defend the whole field, using tempo obviously as a weapon.
I think their run game is outstanding really.  They've played some really good football teams now, some very good defenses.  Kind of like us, sometimes when you play those good teams, it affects you.  It affects your stats, it affects your play sometimes.  I don't think people always take into account those things.
I know they've played a lot of very, very talented teams and talented defenses.  When you play those games, that can come back to you later in a positive way.
I think they're very, very good offensively and they're very balanced.