UNC practice notes: Weather, QBs, leader on D, Liberty prep

Aug. 22, 2014 @ 11:51 AM

Some notes from UNC's last practice availability before game week begins on Monday

First, Larry Fedora said that the heat this week didn't affect his practice plans:

"Really we try to look at every day exactly the same because we know we aren’t going to control it. Whether it is cool or hot or raining or snowing or sleeting, or whatever it is, there's two teams that are going to go out on the field and we have to compete no matter what it is, so we try really hard not to think about the things that we don’t control. We hope that our edge is, we don’t let an outside factor like that affect the way we play the game or the way we attack it.”

Next, Fedora said that UNC started preparing for Liberty on Wednesday and had already installed 75 percent of the gameplan by Thursday. Shockingly, Fedora gave the media an in-depth scouting report on the team's first opponent. Just kidding. Here's a sample: “I know (coach Turner Gill) is going to do a great job at having a very sound football team. They are going to play hard, and they are going to be sound in all three phases of the game." He added that they have a new punter and snapper, "so there are some things that are unknown. But, we are going to try and be prepared for whatever they throw at us."

Fedora said there's no timeline on the decision to start Marquise Williams or Mitch Trubisky at QB, and it could stretch into next week. "I really have not set a date that I feel like that I have to do that. If I felt like it was going to affect our team one way or the other or any of those guys then I would. But I don’t think it is going to.”

Finally, Fedora said the leader on the defense right now is ... senior bandit Norkeithus Otis. "He plays the game the way it is supposed to be played. He (plays) hard every single play."

Fedora first weekly press conference is Monday at 11:45 a.m., which is also when UNC will release an updated depth chart (although expect there to be a lot of "ORs", and not just at QB.