My AP Top 25 ballot: Notre Dame replaces Maryland

Oct. 06, 2013 @ 08:44 AM

Notre Dame replaces Maryland in my latest AP Top 25 ballot.

Losing at FSU is no crime (for instance, I didn't punish Washington for barely losing at Stanford), but losing 63-0 is hard to ignore. So I hope Maryland enjoyed being ranked last week because I don't expect it to continue.

In the Terrapins place I chose Notre Dame over Missouri and Auburn, who would receive my next two votes if I had them. The Fighting Irish have lost twice, but both were against ranked opponents, and I'd argue that the win over Arizona State is more impressive than anything Missouri and Auburn have on their resumes.

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Here's my full list:

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Clemson
4 Ohio State
5 Stanford
6 Georgia
7 Louisville
9 Texas A&M
10 LSU
11 FSU
12 Miami
13 South Carolina
14 Florida
15 Oklahoma
16 Northwestern
17 Washington
18 Baylor
19 Michigan
20 Texas Tech
21 Virginia Tech
22 Fresno State
23 Notre Dame
24 Arizona State
25 Wisconsin