Letters to the Editor, April 10

Apr. 09, 2014 @ 10:38 AM

Less assistance, more freedom

In the April 7 edition of this newspaper, we were treated once again to one of Larry Bumgardner’s letters bemoaning the fact that convicted criminals are mistreated and misunderstood.

According to Mr. Bumgardner even bank robbers and other violent offenders are “not necessarily to be feared”. Some of them just need a “little maturity”.

He is upset that “for certain drug crimes, an ex-offender may never receive food stamps or housing assistance”. Imagine that. A man breaks the law and the tax paying public is not obligated to feed and house him upon release. Unbelievable right?

Instead of focusing on how cruel our justice system is, perhaps Mr. Bumgarder would like to discuss ways to keep these immature folks from committing the crimes in the first place.

America is changing rapidly. Our work ethic is disappearing. Church attendance is decreasing annually. The government mandated exclusion of God everywhere outside the church is undermining our nation’s morality. The traditional American family unit is headed toward obsolescence.

A recent study showed 71 percent of high school dropouts and 70 percent of all prison inmates come from fatherless homes.

When our government began to take the place of the father in American homes with welfare and food stamps, these numbers began increasing. Illegitimacy, illiteracy, abortion rates and gang activity also began to rise. 

Maybe, just maybe, if these criminals had grown up with fathers in a solid family unit they wouldn’t be lacking in the “maturity” needed to keep them out of prison.

Jamie Huff


Police response intimidating

Why was it necessary for the Durham Police Department to have more than a half-dozen police cars, blue-red lights blazing, at last Thursday’s peaceful fast-food protest at Taco Bell on N. Duke Street?  There were another four squads parked on the ramp at I-85 and Roxboro Street at the ready.

What justifies this overwhelming, intimidating, useless display of police force at a demonstration led by faith leaders, the NAACP and others to support underpaid, overworked fast food workers?

These leaders have led scores of protests including many Moral Monday ones which took place peacefully without incident. I have been at ones where the police and protesters respected each other and communicated successfully without bullying tactics.
These tactics not only painted peaceful protestors as "troublesome" but interfered with traffic flow and business on N. Duke Street.

This is another example of the extremely poor judgment of the Durham Police Department. leadership.
Hugh Giblin

Death for murderers

God commands society to sentence convicted murders to death. See Genesis 9:6, Exodus 21:12 and Leviticus 24:17. There is no higher authority than God. God’s word is clear, murderers of his creatures forfeit their own life.

The jurors in the Jonathan Richardson murder trial obeyed God. In other murder trials jurors disobeyed God by sentencing murderers to life in prison.  Life in prison is not just punishment for murderers. Murderers sentenced to life in prison are rewarded with their life, protection, free room and board, clothing and health care while their victim or victims are put in a grave. Jurors who refuse to sentence murderers to death embrace and become a party to the sin and evil of murder. Jurors sin against God when they disobey Him and refuse to sentence murderers to death and there is a consequence for sin.

James R. Hardy