Letters to the Editor, April 7

Apr. 06, 2014 @ 04:40 PM

Foolish editorial cartoons

The editorial cartoons in The Herald-Sun have been pointless this past week, but the one on Saturday takes the cake for foolishness.

Perhaps the artist doesn’t realize that soldiers on domestic military bases do not carry their weapons.  In addition, the number of MPs on domestic bases is relatively low compared to that of police in the surrounding civilian areas.  Even so, the presence of armed guards (MPs) was what brought the incident to an end.

If the artist had said “like a police station,” he may have had a point.  Then again, shootings sprees never happen there, do they?

Prayson Pate


Justice system broken

Many thanks to Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan and The Herald-Sun for writing and featuring the documentary “Evolution of a Criminal.”  It tells the how, why and aftermath of a bank robbery committed by the filmmaker and friends when they were teens.  It shows that even violent offenders are not necessarily to be feared and need a chance to prove themselves.

As a volunteer in the N.C. prison system, I have met many men just like the author of this documentary and I can testify to what a little maturity can do to a man.  They need a chance to get on their feet after their debt to society is paid.  However, from what I’ve seen, their debt seems never to be paid off.  For certain drug crimes, an ex-offender may never receive food stamps or housing assistance no matter what his financial situation may be.

The justice system is broken.  Read “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander to get some idea of how ridiculous it is.  Most Americans prefer to hold their biases and grudges against people who break the law no matter what the circumstance might have been.  In the same newspaper as Vaughan’s write-up, a woman in South Carolina was sentenced to 20 years for breastfeeding while on morphine.  The baby died as a result, the mother was devastated, but was convicted of felony child abuse.  South Carolina is a poor state, but seems to find money to lock folks up.  We do, too.

Larry Bumgardner


Clean up crime

The crime rates in Durham are too high. People fear that they might fall into the grasp of a lawbreaker.   

Every time leave my house I hear police sirens and I just know something went down. These days it’s hard to trust people in Durham. There are 116 crimes for every square mile, and it grows by the day.

There are seven violent crimes for every square mile in Durham alone. The crime rate in Durham is 441.2 and Cary is only 90. That means Durham is 4 times more dangerous than Cary. There are 301 registered sex offenders in Durham as of April 3.

Durham is a culture-filled city and crime is plaguing the streets where the children play and we have the responsibility to clean it up.

Edwin Hernandez