Letters to the Editor, April 5

Apr. 04, 2014 @ 04:03 PM

Crime rates through the roof

Crime rates are through the roof! With larceny being the common crime on campus in Durham, this is ridiculous

No matter where you are something happens or someone dies. This happens all over the world, reasons being for gangs, money owed, just because I felt like it, etc. It never fails that somebody will get hurt on a certain day. Between larceny, rapes and violent crimes the rate has increased 31 percent.

In the eyes of Durham, nobody is safe, you always have to watch your back or watch where you go because of violence. Jenna Zhang, who wrote the “Durham crime increases slightly in 2013” for The Chronicle (Duke’s student newspaper) interviewed Lt. Brian Reitz, executive officer to the Durham chief of police, and he said “if you actually went by the old definition of rape, the numbers are about the same."

But he doesn't doubt that larcenies keep the numbers going out the roof. From 2012-2013 larcenies increased by 8 percent, especially on campuses.  In Raleigh, crime rates went down in 2010 but nevertheless there will always be crime. Overall, the whole world should be safe but not everybody can be superman.

With that being said, when you lock a person up for a crime he or she committed, not everybody learns a lesson so when they are released they go back to their old ways because that’s all they know. Help can be provided but if they aren’t willing to change what’s the point of helping them, they should have just stayed in jail.

Nyra Thompson


Combat animal abuse

Animal abuse is a worldwide problem that increases every single day. Every minute that passes throughout the day, hundreds, maybe even thousands of animals are getting brutally beaten.

There are many different ways you can stop animal abuse. The most common way people do this is TO hold a fund raiser. A lot of people love to do walks and/or runs to raise money for many different causes. A local restaurant here in the Durham community loves to raise money for animal abuse. This restaurant is called Nosh and it is located on Duke’s campus. You walk into Nosh and order your food. Right after you order instead of getting a number they give you a dog with his name and all about his previous brutal life. They do this so you can maybe adopt that dog and get him a better life. They also raise money to help get dogs off of chains.

Animal abuse has become a major problem that needs to stop. No one in their right mind should ever be able to even think about hitting and abusing an animal. If you have any ideas as to how to raise money and help animals, give it a try. It wouldn’t hurt to help those poor little animals.

Carlie Bickers