Letters to the editor

Feb. 27, 2013 @ 08:54 PM

Sue-happy NASCAR fans need a clue

I just saw that some of the injured fans at Daytona are seeking a class-action suit against NASCAR and the race track. Wow! I really thought they (the fans) would be better than that!

I will bet anyone that there was a disclaimer on the ticket that they (the track and NASCAR) were not responsible for any injuries or are they (the fans) just turning into the "gimme, gimme all you got" buttheads that are trying to ruin this country?

Wonder what Caesar would have said if one of the lions had jumped into the stands? Bet he would have laughed his butt off and thrown the protesters back into the ring with the lions! Ah, the good old days!

Just seems that nobody wants to take any responsibility for their actions. If you go to a race, you expect to see wrecks. Somebody is going to get hurt. That's just part of it.

To the fans I say "get a life." If you can't take the pain, don't go to the game!

Jack Lamb


Lack of compromise will hurt many

We all know that our government with the White House and Congress can’t agree on anything and refuse to work together. We will be sorry we allowed the Republicans to grow into the majority in the Senate and the House. They’re the ones who will be making/passing the laws to get our borrowing nation’s debt down, no matter what the cost! They are forever saying “Cut here; cut there” and now it’s “furlough” on millions of federal and state civilian employees and payroll cuts.

This will include middle class, elderly, disabled and the poor! While they are at it, why not include themselves and cut back on the number of seat warmers not doing the job we sent them there to do? A “jester” of good faith in this regard would be widely noted, bottom line.


Luther Mason