Editorial: Blitz Build shows our good nature

Apr. 17, 2013 @ 09:13 PM

It helps, in light of Monday’s tragedy in Boston, to reflect on the positive.

The UNC Habitat for Humanity Club proves the point that it’s not all bad out there.

Club members gathered at Phoenix Place in Chapel Hill on Sunday to work on homes as part of their fourth Blitz Build event. During the weekend activity, they raised money and made progress on a house the club is building for Marta Puebla and her family.

The group wants to raise $20,000 for Puebla’s home.

While someone in Boston sought to tear things down, UNC club members endeavor to build something to last and to lift people up.

They dedicated the house to UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp and his wife, Patti, who have championed Habitat for Humanity during their time in Chapel Hill. In July, the Thorps move to St. Louis, where Holden Thorp will take over as provost at Washington University.

“The Thorps, especially Patti Thorp, have really been proponents of Habitat for Humanity in Chapel Hill,” said Burgess Robinson, co-chair of the club, in an interview with The Herald-Sun’s Beth Velliquette. “They’ve done a lot, not only for the club but for Habitat in Orange County, and since they’re on their way out, we wanted to thank them for their time and effort.”

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, helps families who might never do so otherwise get into homes of their own. Families are expected to pay closing costs and put hundreds of hours of personal labor into building their homes and homes of others in need.

HHOC reports that, since 1984, it has built more than 200 homes and asserts that Orange County has a housing problem, with the average cost of a home at $325,000 in 2011 and rents running as much as $785 for a two-bedroom apartment.

With help from enthusiastic young people such as the members of UNC’s club, they’re making the dream of home ownership a reality for another family.

“It’s impressive what a lot of inexperienced volunteers can do,” said Grey Idol, the club’s fundraising co-chair.

We commend their efforts on behalf of people in need.


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