Grit award

May. 09, 2014 @ 03:07 PM

As polls closed Tuesday evening, people gathered around computers and TVs to see the returns come in. At 8:30 – an hour after polls closed – Durham still showed zero precincts reporting. Clearly, there was a problem.
Durham County Board of Elections Director Michael Perry and his team get a much-deserved shout-out this week for heading off an election night fiasco that was caused by a glitch in new software used by the state Board of Elections.
Voters and candidates should applaud Perry and his team for their foresight to have a backup plan. They got the old Durham County Board of Elections system up and running, and returns quickly began posting.
Election days are pressure cookers for the people responsible for ensuring all runs fairly and smoothly. To Perry and his team, we give this week’s Grit Award for their cool-headed response to the problem.