Letters to the Editor, May 6

May. 06, 2014 @ 01:04 PM

Can’t reason with delusion

One thing I've learned fixing computer problems is that the solution is precise. It may be as simple as a few key strokes, but if you don’t know the right keys or the proper sequence the problem remains just as if the solution were complicated.

I saw a picture of a married couple (a white man and black woman) holding a sign that said IT WAS ONCE ILLEGAL FOR US TO BE MARRIED, TOO! This erroneous comparison between same-sex marriage and interracial marriage (a term I've never liked since both people are of the human race) not only sacrifices precision, delusion is embraced.

You can’t reason with delusion. Anyone familiar with alcoholism knows that the alcoholic can’t be helped until he admits he has a problem. Here’s where we are -- many people (many with clout) have decided that something is real because they wish it so, and increasingly law is on their side.

The precise comparison here is to a thousand people who've decided they can jump from skyscrapers unaided and fly. Current law is like a band playing music that convinces them that a soft landing is just as possible for them as for someone with a parachute, and that to tell them otherwise is “hate speech”.

The result is obvious to all not needing a 10-step program.

Bruce Newman


Re-use coal ash waste

A while back, a petitioner came to the door with a petition to condemn Duke Energy for the coal ash waste problem.   I gave him a little bit of condemnation for only looking at the problem and not coming up with a solution.   And I was as bad as he was, as I had not looked for a solution either.

Reflecting on that encounter, I did a little research.   I ended up writing a letter to the Ash Tech company as to why they had not researched the reuse and only looked at the reclamation part the problem.

Then I discovered Eko Export, and this is what I found on their website:  “A Polish company that turns waste ash from coal-fired plants into a valuable raw material is on the hunt for a U.S. investor to help it expand, although Russia's stand-off with Ukraine may deter potential partners for now.

“Eko Export processes so-called fly ash microspheres found in coal ashes for use in special cements for oil and gas drilling, spaceship coatings and even surfboards.”

It seems to me that the raw material (coal ash) should have some use.

Robert H. Appleby