Letters to the Editor, May 5

May. 04, 2014 @ 11:23 AM

Paper distorted Bundy’s views

Regarding Saturday's editorial page cartoon of Fox reporters with Cliven Bundy, in which Bundy is specifically slandered as a racist, I doubt very much that The Herald-Sun editors listened to or read what Bundy actually said.  

It seems more likely that you accepted the falsified excerpting that is being widely marketed.  If you had listened, you would have known that Mr. Bundy talked about the havoc wreaked on the black community by cradle-to-grave government dependency.  We all know this to be the reality.  

He also spoke very sympathetically about the work ethic and strong family structure of Hispanic communities, and advocated an accepting approach to those here illegally. Herald-Sun, can't you do any better than your current encouragement of public misunderstanding and this mocking distortion of a citizen who is defending himself and his property against a violent assault by our government?

Laura T. Gutman


Shameful cartoon

The editorial “cartoon” in Thursday’s Herald-Sun hits a new low.  It is offensive to the vast majority of your readers and the area’s citizens.

First, the image of President Barach Obama is exactly that of every racist and bigot.  Second, the cartoon makes it look like NBA Commissioner Adam Silver unilaterally took control of the situation regarding L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, when, in fact, he had the unanimous backing of the other NBA teams’ owners.  Suppose those owners had not supported Silver, either because they really didn’t disagree with Sterling’s attitude or because it might make it look like Silver was accomplishing something meaningful or would get the credit. 

Sound familiar?

For Shame!

Dale Games


Commending police

I would like to commend the Durham Police Department for their continued professional service to all the people of Durham. Each day their lives are put on the line as they carry out their sworn duties to protect and serve. They answer the calls for help with skills and training they have acquired through hard work and preparedness. They also know that they must do everything they can to avoid confrontation with those who will not comply with the law and would prey upon the innocents, putting many at risk.

Statistics prove that Durham like many inner cities needs investments in people more than buildings, theaters and the arts. Statistics also show that Durham has too much black- on-black crime in poor and drug-infested neighborhoods. Much work needs to be done by not attacking the messenger but by grasping the truth and investing time and money into the reasons for decline in the families of Durham, once strong, resilient families with a father, mother and extended family to help raise children instead of some way far-off federal government that can become intrusive instead of helpful when It comes to healthcare, education and well being.

I would suggest that a task force of concerned citizens be formed to admonish those who would use all these issues only to support a hidden political agenda based upon the false premise of social justice. Political motivation under any other name is mistaken for truth!

Margaret S. Hood