Letters to the Editor, May 4

May. 03, 2014 @ 06:36 PM

Chaney for alderman

I am writing in support of Bethany Chaney for Carrboro alderman.

I’ve long known Bethany both professionally and personally and believe she is one of the sharpest and most community-minded people in town.  Helping lead the Carrboro Planning Board exemplifies both her commitment and her experience.  I think all who have worked with her will agree that she truly is an “active listener” who considers multiple perspectives in order to reach informed and fair solutions.

Bethany is also forward thinking and is experienced with the ins and outs of community development.  She will bring to the board unique knowledge that will help expand Carrboro’s perspectives as we work to foster community-oriented development that fits our town.  More specifically she is committed to securing a Southern Branch Library, upgrading storm water management and helping spur solar projects. 

Bethany has the experience, knowledge, work ethic and temperament to help the board address Carrboro’s future needs. These are some of the reasons Bethany has been endorsed by the Independent and the Sierra Club.

I urge my fellow Carrboro citizens to join me in voting for Bethany on Tuesday!

David Beck


Vote for Robin Hudson

You gotta love North Carolina politics.  

The latest: Those who are loudest in their chest-thumping proclamations of love for the Constitution are attacking Robin Hudson for -- gasp, wait, this is just too rich -- defending our constitutional protections against laws punishing acts committed before the law was passed.  

If you believe that the Constitution of the United States should do more than allow big polluters to make messes wherever and whenever they want to, please stand up to the big-money, out-of-state bullies and vote for Robin Hudson on May 6th.  

Pat Carstensen


Thanks to government workers

Across the country and in communities like the Research Triangle Park, government employees serve and protect our nation every day.  During Public Service Recognition Week, May 4-10, we gratefully acknowledge their service.

I want to personally thank members of the Durham Chapter 0566 active and retired federal workers in North Carolina.

Federal employees care for veterans and work side by side with our military to defend our country.  They conduct cutting-edge research to improve public health and regulate the safety of our food and medicine.

Employees at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences play a vital role in keeping our environment safe.

Let us not forget the roles of the employees of the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, or the U.S. Postal Service.

And right here in North Carolina, air traffic controllers at area airports ensure the safety of thousands of passengers every year.

These are all critical services.

We may not realize all that America’s public servants do for us on a daily basis.  Let’s not take for granted the service they provide.

During Public Service Recognition Week, and throughout the year, please take time to honor the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county, and local government employees to ensure our government is the best in the world.

Carolyn C. London