Letters to the Editor, March 6

Mar. 06, 2014 @ 02:02 AM

The Durham Police response to the charges of racism was simply laughable.  They attempt to defend their behavior on the fact that so many crimes are committed in certain districts.  They claim a high percentage of rapes, murder, robbery, etc. take place in the districts where black and Hispanic folk reside and they say the communities are asking for more policing.

Is their definition of good policing doing sweeps with drug-sniffing dogs and stops for license checks and unwarranted searches of cars in those areas?  What in heaven’s name does that kind of police behavior do to resolve those rapes, murders and robberies?  I see no connection whatsoever.  What they need to learn how to do is good police work, not just stopping and searching the nearest black man.

They claim the communities are asking for it.  What they are asking for, chief, is a bigger police presence and quicker responses to calls for help, not harassment of their citizens. Have they done any polling of these communities to see what they want or do they simply go after federal money for arresting folks with drugs on their person?  I have it on good authority that the drug presence at parties for DSA students have a wider variety of drugs than parties for students at Southern.  DSA students have more money.  But look who gets arrested.

Alienating these communities is at cross-purposes to any reasonable objective they might have.  They can’t see the forest for the trees.

Larry Bumgardner


Stop being so liberal

Someone coming out as a gay certainly deserves to be front-page news in your liberal news paper. I really do not see where someone’s sexual preference is news at all. 

I also would like to comment on the “125 years covering Durham” section that you had in the paper Feb. 26. I was really enjoying the history involved in the time covered until I saw where you could not resist putting Barack Obama's picture in there with the UNC basketball players. I do not see where he should be included in anything about the history of Durham. And to be honest neither is UNC.

Why don't you stop being so liberal and just report newsworthy stories? Neither of the above-mentioned was newsworthy.

Tony L. Rigsbee

Hurdle Mills