Letters to the Editor, March 5

Mar. 04, 2014 @ 08:58 PM

Added cable cost no April Fool

For those readers who subscribe to Time Warner Cable, did you pay attention to your monthly statement for March?  It contains news of yet another price increase effective April 1. 

This time the increase is significant!  In addition to a $2.25 monthly increase to TV service, there is a $3 increase in Internet service.  Added to that is a new monthly charge of $2.25 for something identified as “Broadcast TV fee.”  All total, my bill will increase by $7.50 a month; more for those with additional services.  I have standard cable without a cable box and basic Internet; my monthly bill will increase from $129.45 to $136.95 plus whatever additional taxes are imposed on the increase.  My monthly cable bill will now exceed my phone bill by double and my power bill for most months.  You may also recall, within the past year or so Time Warner began charging a monthly charge of $5.99 for the Internet modem lease.

Personally, I have enjoyed cable television and the Internet service provided by Time Warner, however I must now seriously consider some of the other competitive alternatives offered in this area.  Perhaps with the merger of Time Warner and Comcast a review of cable cost would occur; however I am not holding my breath until that happens.  Some services are just overpriced and this in my opinion is one of them.

Kent Fletcher


A penny for the city?

I have a hard time getting excited about the “penny for the parks” proposal currently before Durham City Council.  The parks are not the only core infrastructure that needs maintenance.  

Despite the bond-funded paving program, many of our roads still need repaving and patching jobs on newer roads are done poorly.  Our new downtown streetscaping is not being maintained with broken bollards, missing and damaged trash cans and brick pavers everywhere.  The landscaping around the street trees is now often just dirt.  

Street lighting throughout the city is broken, hodgepodge or antiquated.  Our parking decks have been only partially repaired and remain dirty with dangerous half-century old doors and elevators.  I wish our City Council would get back to the basics with its budgeting.  

Lewis A. Dancy