Letters to the editor

May. 01, 2013 @ 07:50 PM

Deceased deserve better photo placement

I appreciate being able to read the obituaries on your website, as I'm sure many others do, as well.

It is apparent whoever creates the page doesn't know how to place the photos of the deceased persons in line with their obituary.

It could not be that difficult to format the page to allow the photo to be with the obituary. 

In my humble opinion it would be far more respectable to the person’s memory and to their family to make this small change to your obituaries web page.


Susie Whaley



Enjoyable performance by Durham Chorale

This past Sunday, April 28, we were privileged to attend the presentation of Homeland by the Durham Chorale at Temple Baptist Church in Durham.

The selection of this arrangement of many favorite songs gave homage to the millions of men and women who have defended and served our country in both war and peace. It was very inspiring and a well done performance.

I would encourage any of your readers to attend one of the chorale's performances and I certainly look forward to their next one in December.


Steve Brackett

Chapel Hill


Many questions unanswered about Benghazi

On about April 23, the U.S. House released a preliminary report on the Benghazi attack. That report concluded that the Obama team had failed to heed warnings about the dangers of the situation and had lied to the public in claiming that it had been caused by a video. It concluded that the administration acted to protect the Department of State from criticism. I do not believe that The Herald-Sun notified readers of the release of that report.

Now, survivors of the Benghazi attack who work for the administration are claiming that they are being threatened by the Obama administration to prevent them from divulging their first-hand knowledge of the events.  

They are requesting legal protection in order to be able to testify to Congressional investigators. There are many extremely important unanswered questions. We do not know what the Commander-in-Chief or Sec of State were doing that night, why the fatally attacked ambassador was in Benghazi and why a military response was absent. 

Most of all in some respects, we do not know why the creator of an obscure and unreleased video who was falsely accused of instigating the attacks now seems to be in prison.  

In what way is this not Stalinist? Does The Herald-Sun intend to cover this boiling issue?


Laura T. Gutman