Letters to the Editor, Jan. 21

Jan. 21, 2014 @ 07:10 AM

Neal Middle School appreciated

When I first considered sending my daughter to Neal Middle School, I was warned that they had discipline problems and lower educational standards.  I went to Neal and found that these warnings were not warranted.  Neal has a strict no-bullying policy and is utilizing a project-based teaching method that gives the students practical experiences and higher retention rates.

My experience with Neal has been exceptional.  My child’s teachers all communicate with me regularly.  If there is a problem, they and the staff work with me to solve it.  They have even gone above and beyond their normal duties to assist my child in her special needs. 

I have heard testimony from other parents that they have had a variety of issues at Neal.  However, as soon as they contacted the guidance counselors or principals, the problems were evaluated and resolved.  I know other parents with students at other middle schools that have had similar issues.  Some could not say that they had received as much cooperation as we do at Neal.

There is no perfect school.  Middle-schoolers by their very nature are difficult due to their transition from child to teenager.  However, I think Neal has a solid plan and execution program to assure that all of their students receive the best education possible.  I appreciate everyone at Neal and hope North Carolina decides to reward our teachers according to what they’re worth.  But that’s another issue all together.

Kim Onyekachi


An inspiring act of kindness

I just got home from the Duke-N.C. State basketball game.  I experienced an act of kindness that will stay with me forever, and will inspire me to try to do more for others, under any circumstance. 

I was standing in line at a concession stand and asked for three barbecue sandwiches. When I reached in my pocket for my $20-bill , I realized it must have fallen out when I put it there with my ticket.  I felt bad, and told the cashier what happened, and that I would go back to our seats, so my husband could give me some money for the sandwiches. 

As I sheepishly turned around to leave, I heard them call me back. A very kind gentleman next to me had overheard what I said, and paid for me sandwiches with his credit card.  He simply smiled at me, said "Just take them."  I was dumbfounded, and think I said "thank you," and we walked away. 

Someone I don't know treated me with such kindness today, I wanted to say a big thank-you.  There are a lot of wonderful people in this world. You leave home for a ball game, and come home feeling like a different person .  

Thank you so much.

Sue Cullen