Letters to the Editor, Jan. 14

Jan. 13, 2014 @ 02:41 PM

HBCU graduate appreciative

I am submitting a much-needed response to the article “Parents’ scrutiny of CHCCS  (Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools) minority teachers raises concerns” in the Dec. 18, 2013, edition of The Herald-Sun.      

As someone who always aspired to be an educator, I feel both grateful and continually rewarded for the comprehensive edification I received while a student at an HBCU  (historically black college or university) school.  During my 30-plus years in education, I served as a teacher, coach, nd school administrator.  My bachelor’s degree, earned at an HBCU school, generated opportunities for me to attain the master’s, education specialist, and doctorate degrees from major universities. 

In the HBCU school, not only did the professors cultivate our pedagogical knowledge and skills, they also attempted to maximize our chances to succeed by advising us about challenges (such as the criticisms manufactured by this “small group of CHCCS parents”) we would likely confront simply because of the schools we attended. 

It was flattering to me when each of my three children chose to attend and graduate from HBCU schools, despite their being academically and financially equipped to attend more prominent colleges and universities.

I implore this posse of parents in the prestigious CHCCS not to assume that only teachers of color are educated at historically black colleges and universities (e.g., Bluefield State College).  If your children’s minority teachers from HBCUs are the only targets of your “concerns,” then your agenda indeed reeks of racism.

James E. Carter


Thank you, Herald-Sun

Thank you for the nice job you do publishing our Durham newspaper.  I look forward to reading the paper every day and I enjoy being exposed to the different viewpoints I find throughout the pages.  I learn a lot about Durham from The Herald-Sun and have no desire to switch to the Raleigh paper, which hardly mentions my city.   I’m with you because you’re with Durham.  

Please know that some of your readers do understand rising costs and what would happen to subscriber numbers if you were to raise the monthly price in order to keep certain comics.  I appreciate the work you do and the measures you’ve already taken to cut costs without cutting content. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Just one more thing: please add my vote for Red and Rover if it ever becomes feasible to bring it back.

Nancy Hanks


How many lies?

President Barack Obama is coming to the state Wednesday.


To take praise for an improving economy and to be a useless photo opportunity.

Get ready for the lies.

The only question, is how many lies will he tell?

Lee Stem