Letters to the Editor, June 12

Jun. 11, 2014 @ 11:19 AM

Blood donations needed

I implore all to go to 4737 University Dr. to give blood at the Red Cross.

Or this Friday, a blood drive will be held at 800 North Duke St. Be noble. Blood is desperately needed.


Lee Stem


Duke-VA partnership

Duke University Hospital and Durham Veterans Affairs Hospital have great incentives to form a partnership with benefit to veterans in North Carolina.

Duke is home to many doctors and physicians who specialize in areas that are rare to find in other parts of the world. Durham VA provides support and assistance to veterans who have dedicated a significant part of their lives to ensuring safety and comfort to the citizens of the United States. With the need for more triage nurses, administrative personnel and doctors at Durham VA, a partnership encourages resource efficiency, provides job opportunities for nurses and enhances the hospitals’ reputations.

Outside the operating rooms, a partnership presents externalities that shed light on giving back to the community. A partnership provides comfort and security to veterans in the area by working together to make a difference and to extend more helping hands to those in need. This shows Duke and Durham VA want to give back to the community and enhance the value of medicine in the City of Medicine.

A partnership allows both hospitals to mitigate the costs of operation, risk management, and operation by decreasing repetitive costs at both hospitals. Lastly, a partnership benefits North Carolina colleges and institutions by creating job opportunities, increasing academic curriculum standards and expanding the range of academics at each institution. 

By combining assets in leadership, knowledge and service, Durham VA and Duke have the potential to make a difference in the lives of North Carolina veterans.

Frank Harvey


Thanks for the articles

Thank you for your June 8 article, “Historic anniversaries chance to report veterans’ stories.” In it you gave recognition to Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan’s well-written article of June 6 on Dr. Jack Hughes as a young medical officer on an LST (Landing Ship Tank).

The picture shows the LST, which was effective on D-Day but also effective in the South Pacific islands – Saipan, Leyte, etc. I was assigned to LST 223. I reported to the shipyard at Seneca, Illinois. The ship was commissioned in New Orleans, went through the Panama Canal for a career during World War II in the Pacific.

Bob Lougee, a Marine veteran who died recently, would have been pleased with his LST recognition, as he too claimed to get seasick on one.

John H. Clayton

Captain, U.S. Naval Reserve