Letters to the Editor, June 10

Jun. 09, 2014 @ 06:33 PM

The historic tax credit has been an invaluable tool for attracting private investment to downtown Durham and the North Carolina Senate’s budget would take this tool away from us; Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget would at least approves a variation of it. The State House of Representatives must include the historic tax credit in their budget.

Without the historic tax credit, Downtown Durham’s nationally recognized renaissance would not be happening. The tax credit was necessary to finance the rehab of many buildings downtown, including the transformative projects of West Village, the American Tobacco Campus, Golden Belt, Brightleaf Square and the Hill Building; additionally the reinvestment in downtown neighborhoods like Trinity Park, Old North Durham, Cleveland-Holloway, and Golden Belt could not have happened without it.

According to a draft report from the N.C .Department of Cultural Resources, the historic tax credit created $1.7 billion of private investment and 23,000 jobs in North Carolina; since 2000 downtown Durham has seen over $1.2 billion invested because of the growth and opportunity here. The Golden Belt project alone increased that property’s value by 2000 percent to $15.9 Million. These projects create local construction jobs, improve communities, and build an environment for further private development.

Please call your state representative and senator to include the historic tax credit in the budget.

Geoff Durham

President, Downtown Durham Inc.

Care for our veterans

In light of the recent Veterans Affairs scandal and the 70th anniversary of D-Day, we can no longer ignore that it is an absolute must that Durham’s invaluable resources unite and provide the treatment that our veterans who have so graciously served our county deserve.

As the daughter of a veteran and a student of the Veteran’s Law Clinic at North Carolina Central University School of Law, I charge that it is time to take a stand. Durham has an abundance of medical, legal and educational resources. The pillars of Durham, including Duke Medical Center, Duke University, and North Carolina Central University, and the neighboring UNC Hospitals and UNC Chapel Hill, must take a stand for those who have risked their lives to protect the United States.

Pointing fingers in the blame game does nothing for our veterans. In fact, the blame game gives high- ranking officials who have failed our veterans a little bit more time in their positions – a little more comfort in the evils that they have committed and a little more money in their pockets that should be going to our veterans who actually went above and beyond in their job of protecting our country. Let’s band together as a city and do what we should have been doing for our veterans for a long time ago -- taking care of them.

Victoria Bennett


Blood donations needed

I implore all to go to 4737 University Dr. to give blood at the Red Cross.

Or this Friday, a blood drive will be held at 800 North Duke St. Be noble. Blood is desperately needed.


Lee Stem