Letters to the editor

Apr. 05, 2013 @ 07:59 PM

Firearms require close monitoring to prevent tragedies

We can keep the public safe in so many ways, many of which stay true to the Second Amendment. But firearms in this country must be more closely monitored or there will be more massive shootings.

Do we need to list those? I don’t think so. You know that if we had made background checks necessary for all gun sales, many of these would not have happened. Lives have been cut down because we do not have the courage to follow our current laws or to implement new laws.

More lives will be lost because we continue to be cowardly. The NRA claims there can be no limits on the Second Amendment, yet all our constitutional amendments have limits on them. Why do we listen so to the NRA?

The public is crying out for mandatory background checks, for banning assault rifles and magazines. The public is crying out for safety.

You can write, phone and email your legislators. You can advocate to keep law enforcement and politicians safer. You can vote to cut the suicide rate in half. You can vote to keep school children safer. Please do not sponsor bills which would make guns even more prevalent in this country.

You can vote to make this country great once again.


Leslie Barnett

Chapel Hill



Don’t trust “elites” on gay marriage issue

Regarding your March 31 editorial on gay marriage the editors wrote, "Less than a year after North Carolina enshrined intolerance into its constitution, we're starting to hear a steady drum beat in favor of personal liberty. President Barak Obama supports gay marriage. ... Hillary Clinton supports it."

What the editors are saying is that they think the majority of the voters of North Carolina and, for that matter, California are a bunch of intolerant bigots but that our dear leaders have cast their ballots and their judgment is good. I need to remind the editors that even Bill Clinton has come out in favor of gay marriage and, lest we forget, has shown by his actions that his definition of marriage is that it be between one man, one woman, one large pepperoni pizza and the girl who delivered it. I am not impressed. I would rather place my trust with the people, not the "elites."


Alan Culton