Letters to the editor

Apr. 04, 2013 @ 07:07 PM

Lost respect for Tony Stewart

NASCAR officials have done it again. They let one of the “expert” drivers get into a shoving match with Joey Logano and did not fine him for it. I bet if it had been Joey going over to Mr. Tony Stewart’s car, they would have fined Joey.

I do not know what Tony’s problem was, anyway. He should have not gotten mad because Logano blocked him, because he has done it himself, and if he had been where Logano was, he would have done the same thing.

I called him an “expert” driver, but not anymore. I used to like him, but after showing himself with Logano in Fontana and using all those dirty words he used, I lost my respect for him. I do not care if he does not win another race.

Why put a line down at the apron if you can go below it? Why bother putting one down there?


Richard Albert



Senate divorce bill an embarrassing distraction

I have always called North Carolina home and have always been proud to call North Carolina, however today I was embarrassed to be from North Carolina. The reason:  Senate Bill 518.

I find it incredibly numbing to think that in this day and age that our senators feel the need to pass an amendment that will increase the waiting period for divorce and even more incredulous, mandate that counseling be a part of a divorce. Yes, divorce is an ugly matter. You rarely hear of amicable divorces. However, there are many reasons that a couple chooses that path.

Why are you not spending your time looking at ways to improve our unemployment?  It is still one of the highest in the country. Why are you not working on reforming unemployment laws? Why are you not looking at improving our education system?  These are things that have been proven to be underlying factors in divorce.

Let’s focus on returning North Carolina to the place to live and thrive, then we can worry about why we have a higher divorce rate than our neighboring states. I implore you to have the guts to stand up and table this bill until we have fixed much more pressing issues in our great state.


Megan Pritchard