Letters to the Editor, March 19

Mar. 18, 2014 @ 11:39 AM

Consider revised plan for light rail

What if an alternative light rail route from Chapel Hill to Durham could be faster, serve more transit-dependent residents, have less environmental impact and be more sustainable, all for around $400 million less cost as compared to the current TTA light rail route?  Shouldn't it be given serious consideration?

Yet Triangle Transit is resisting this.  An independent consultant should confirm the benefits of the alternative plan and present the findings at a public meeting where the two rail plans are compared side-by-side.  Whichever plan comes out on top, it's a win-win. 

If this is not done, questions will always remain, undermining any assurance that the best project went forward. 

For example, the alternative plan greatly enhances safety.  With about 42 active rail crossings in the City of Durham, there already is a constant, and tragic, number of train collisions with vehicles and pedestrians.

The current TTA rail plan adds about 41 new rail crossings between Chapel Hill and Durham.  Crossing gates, signals, flashing lights, signage, bells and horns installed at these rail crossings will not remove long-term safety concerns that are inherent with rail crossings.  The safest rail crossing is no rail crossing.

The alternative plan eliminates the building of 27 new railroad crossings, which also reduces traffic congestion.     

It connects the region with a straightforward route with a central station at the edge of RTP.      

Citizens should have the opportunity to judge between two light rail plans.

Terry Rekeweg

The writer is a transportation engineer in Raleigh

Congratulations, NCCU

It’s March and the madness is underway. Great basketball happens in Durham -- I’m proud of our champions! Congratulations to North Carolina Central University -- to the team, students and alumni! You didn’t just win the MEAC championship, you won it with authority. On to the NCAA tournament!

Don Moffitt


Work on ‘Duke class’

Wow, what happened to the so-called Duke class at the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament? 

Coach K openly cursing officials, throwing things, crying " shameful" afterwards.  Even his players picked up on foul language at refs . Guess that foul mouth’s taught at Duke University along with "flopping" defense.

Coach K had Syracuse and Clemson games handed to him by refs, then goes on a tirade when he cannot intimidate a different group of them. What goes around comes around I guess, coach.

Need to work on that "Duke class"  there, guys.

Al Slaughter