HSNWS 7-28 letters

Jul. 27, 2014 @ 11:59 AM

Makes no sense

With the recent senseless murders in Chapel Hill and murder trials in Durham, and all around the country, can someone please explain to me how our legal and criminal justice systems can incarcerate non-violent low-level drug offenders for 20 plus years without parole, while violent felons with extensive criminal records, including guns and repeat offenses and incarcerations, are allowed to walk the streets and terrorize, rob and murder our law abiding citizens?

It makes no sense and needs to be changed.

Ken Mauney   


All citizens at risk

I was startled reading your article on Wednesday about a firm seeking mineral rights in Durham. 

It seems so sudden and out of nowhere, but looking back I am not sure why.  Fracking is upon the state.  After our legislators and governor lifted the fracking ban, all North Carolina citizens are now at risk.

I think part of the reason it’s so shocking is its proximity to where I live, only a mere 12 miles away.  I think many people, especially in Durham, feel like fracking won’t happen near them.  It’s what I thought. But here it is, already threatening in our backyard.  

Nate McClafferty